We are highly appreciated your interest in writing for wellnessproposals.com. The major content of our website is information about mental and physical health.

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All the articles are expected to be written with your own experience, including helpful information for readers.

What are we looking for?

Read articles on the website to understand how to write in our way and format as well.

Attract readers with an interesting and informative topic.

Only unique contents are accepted. Also, we do not receive any products that have been posted anywhere else before. Just send us productive works.

We will reject articles with incorrect information and grammar mistakes.

We instantly approve guesting after checking.

Our requirements for your articles

You should give in-depth and comprehensive information and solutions that readers are dealing with. Your writing style should be strategic and tactical. Getting to know about the how-to post is also essential.

It’s required to link back resources or sources that you use to give substance to your ideas or claims in your writing.

Call to readers’ minds what you are delivering to them by giving detailed and associated examples.

Understand what your audience needs from your post and connect with them in mind.

Do not use any image, video, or other media that fails to comply with copyright laws in your article.

The link used in your post must be related to the topic. If not, it will be deleted. Self-promotional should not be included in the post. Logically arrange keywords.

Satisfy the editor

The post can be published as soon as possible if you follow all our guidance and do the right steps.

Once the readability flag for SEO below your post is green, the editor does not need to work on them much.

What can you receive?

For each article you post here, you can get backlinks to your blog.

Wellnessproposals.com is an active and developing blog, and you can achieve a large number of targeted traffic.

Your blog is able to be boosted exposure, traffic, reliable readers, and SEO.

Submission process

Decide what topic you will write after referring from our categories.

Approach the idea and start writing.

The minimum length of the article is at least 600 words.

Do not forget to include a short writer’s bio for about 50-70 words in the email.

Send your guest posts to the email richard@mygreenerylife.com. If your writing is excellent and can meet our requirement, then we will publish it soon.

It can take time to see your article published since we receive hundreds of submissions each week.

We will not answer your email if your article fails our condition. And after fourteen days, you can use it in other places.

Categories are allowed on wellnessproposals.com

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 Are my written articles accepted?

It would help if you make sure that all the articles you send us are unique. Therefore, your written article will be rejected.

Can I send article ideas?

Of course, but the final thing we need is a finished post. So, reasonably put them in order and complete your article.

How should I format my writing?

Our posted articles on the website may help you get to know about the format that we require.