8 Ways to Keep Your Community Park Clean

Community parks are an excellent place for a healthy morning walk, family picnics or a pleasant outdoor date. They play an essential role in improving the quality of life by providing fresh air to breathe and being a habitat for animals.

Sadly enough, it is mostly us visitors who often ruin the beauty of these community parks. The reason behind this is our irresponsibility towards taking care of nature and a poor sense of cleanliness. Often, we leave litter around. Moreover, we are often neglectful towards plants around us by plucking flowers and stepping on smaller plants. The result is a messy and unkempt park that soon becomes both unappealing and unhealthy for visitors.

So here are eight ways you can contribute to the cleanliness of your community park:

Do more community service

As responsible members of the community, it is our profound duty to be careful about our surroundings. And, community service is a great way to pay back our dues to the environment. You can turn it into a fun day out with friends and family. Park managers can organize events to attract volunteers to maintain their park’s cleanliness and beauty. Prioritize cleaning benches with sanitizers, scraping dirt from the sidewalks, watering the plants, etc. Many of these tasks may sound mundane, but they are essential to keeping a neat and clean place. Besides, they’re also an excellent way to exercise.

Consult experts and develop plans

The excellent health of the public is a primary indicator of good economic conditions. Many individuals are now pursuing higher education in non-traditional healthcare, such as a masters in public health online, to add value to community well-being. Highly qualified professionals can play a vital role in research and devising strategies for keeping public places clean. Similar research shows how planting trees have a positive impact on human health. Imagine how useful it would if these trees are planted together in a community park. It is a great way to enhance biodiversity and increase oxygen levels in the atmosphere. Keeping the environment fresh is an effective way to keep the parks clean.

Place trashcans

Community parks allow people to connect and a place for group meetings. However, people often throw trash all-around out of bad habit. We usually procrastinate while putting garbage into trashcans, and sometimes, we don’t find one. To keep community parks clean, place trashcans within a short distance to each other. Identify spots that attract the most visitors and place trashcans there. The lesser people have to walk to dump their trash, the more likely they are to use it.

Clean up as soon as you can

You don’t necessarily have to get up to reach the trashcan every time you eat a snack, but make sure to secure the wrappers so that you can throw them later. Try to be the earliest to clean up any mess created. For instance, if you have mistakenly broken glass in the middle of the park, try to pick up the pieces as soon as possible and clean it up. Similarly, if you have spilled your drink on the sidewalk, try to get the maintenance person to sweep it up immediately or use a tissue to clean up yourself. Don’t delay or hide the mess you’ve made. Instead, try to be responsible for cleaning up as much as you can. The right way is to check that you have gotten everything you came with, and the rest is in the trash.

Do proper trimming of bushes

This one is handy for park management folks. You have to provide the best experience to your visitors. Try to keep a good check on bushes and plants, because they beautify your place. They must be properly trimmed and watered. A sharp bush can cause harm to bystanders and ruin the look of your park. Therefore, avoid planting such species. Fallen leaves on the ground are a nice autumn aesthetic, but they’re a nuisance otherwise. Clean them up.

Use the right tools

It is practical to invest in the cleanliness of your community park. Keep the right tools for trimming, scraping, and cleaning in the storage area. It will make it easier for cleaners to be quick and efficient in their work. Attain proper knowledge about gardening tools to stay well-organized and make use of the technological advancements. Adequate staffing will be very useful in this aspect because they’ll take the trash out and make sure no litter is scattered around.

Discourage smoking and drinking

A clean community park is one that looks neat and is safe. Smoking and drinking are hazardous to the health of those doing it and the people around them. Since a park has to be inclusive for everyone, smoke can be dangerous for pregnant women and infants. Moreover, a cigarette not turned out properly can potentially start a fire. And alcohol drinkers can become a problem if they’ve had a drink too many. However, it might be challenging to penalize smoking in the parks with a straight-up ban of fines.  Instead, designate a particular area for anyone who wants to take a puff.

Use fines and penalties

And while we said that slapping fines is challenging, they’re essential nonetheless. The park management is responsible for the park’s cleanliness and preservation, so they are also in charge. If a park has trashcans and evident signs leading to them, then the visitors are obligated to put the litter in the cans. However, suppose they don’t do so and deliberately clutter the park. In that case, the management has all the rights to penalize them. Fine them and mention this in the rules by the entrance of the park.


These were a few ways to keep our community parks clean, but we should not only stop here. Try to contribute and donate to your community parks and places as much as you can. Take some time out with your family and plan a day out to perform community services. You have to give back to the community, and keeping the park clean is one way.

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