Are Bluefish Good To Eat?

Time to eat! Is fish your favorite food? You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a fish for your dinner as thousands of kinds of fish are available on the market out there. How about bluefish? Have you ever tasted them?

Are bluefish good to eat? Many people may talk you out of eating bluefish as they are very perishable and not fresh enough when you buy them in the supermarket. But don’t be distracted! Believe me, not eating bluefish would make you regret all your life.

Despite their perishability, bluefish can still give you an out-of-the-world meal if you handle them well. Dishes made from bluefish can definitely bring you an indescribable flavor. You will never forget the taste of bluefish once you taste it, I bet.

Why Are Bluefish Perishable?

If you are a fishing lover and often spend your time waiting for the fish to come ashore and take the bait, bluefish may not be an unfamiliar name for you.

They are found in most tropical and temperate waters except the western Pacific Ocean. Bluefish usually live in school so don’t be surprised when you see a lot of bluefish swimming together. They often live near the shores of rocks or underground structures about 70m deep.

Bluefish are very oily and also because of their fatness, bluefish get rancid quickly. Now maybe you know the reasons why they are not every available on the market.

But don’t get discouraged and hurry to give a No answer to the question: “Are bluefish good to eat?”. If you want to find them in fresh condition, come to their fisheries and catch them.

How To Handle Bluefish?

Not only are bluefish good to eat but they are also very nutritious. This fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids for your health. Besides, they are also very delicious. Have your appetites been whetted? If yes, get down to handling them now!

Keep them fresh

As mentioned before, these tasty fish will not be fresh for a long time. Therefore, do not treat them the way you do with normal fish. You need to cool them as soon as they get on land. Covering them with lots of ice may help you keep them fresh in this case.

The ice may do wonders for your fish but don’t regard it as a miraculous savior.  Are bluefish good to eat? Anyway, they are only good to eat if you eat them within 24 hours.

Preprocess them

Processing bluefish is not a time-consuming job as you think. In fact, this step is as easy as eating a piece of cake. First, you need to fillet your bluefish and peel all the bones. You have to be very careful at this step, try to cut the piece of meat without cutting the skin.

When you have completed the fillet stage, you had better dip it into clean water to remove all blood and unwanted dirt, then put it in the cooler.

Don’t forget to invite your friends to come along with you on your fishing trip. It would be great if both fillet the bluefish together and share your story about an intriguing fishing day.

Cook your catch

Grill the small ones

You may find it interesting to know that small blue fishes contain less fatty oily meat. You can grill the whole fish on the grill without filleting them.

Give them a strong sauce

Your fish dish will become much more attractive when you add a little spice. Mustard or olive sauces would be great options. Try it once and feel the freshness comes from bluefish. Trust me, your appetite would be whetted to the fullest.

Smoked bluefish, why not?

Not only regarded as the method of preserving raw materials, smoked is also known as a professional dish processing technique. Smoked bluefish have eye-catching colors and more attractive flavors than ever.

You should brine the bluefish before starting to smoke it. Depending on the temperature, the time it takes for the bluefish smoking process ranges from 1-2 hours.

The Bottom Line

Are bluefish good to eat? We do believe that after reading this article, you surely have your own answer. Bluefish are not only interesting to catch but also delicious to eat.

Don’t hesitate anymore, pick up the fishing rod, go to the fishery  and bring home some bluefish now!

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