10 Best Hair Salons in Singapore for Blonde Highlights

Whether you want to get a platinum blonde appearance or natural-looking highlights, the salon plays an important role. When you are in Singapore, you will have to look into different options that attract your attention. Now since there are various options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Selecting the right one is not an easy task. Hence, you must invest your time and research the options by reading reviews, visiting their website, speaking to regular clients, and the like.

Take a look at the list of options in Singapore

 Women are generally fuzzy when it comes to salons and spas. They have their personal choices and preferences. Hence, when you hit Singapore and you are looking out for a salon or spa, you will have to take a look at the following options:

•    Chez Vous Hideaway: If you want to grab a different experience of hairstyling, then Chez Vouz Hideaway is the right place. They provide you with chat messages for confirming your booking and furnish you with high-quality service. They have multiple options when it comes to hairbrush types and modern equipment.

•    Chez Vouz: For individuals who want to get blonde highlights, Chez Vouz is the best outlet. They will help you with the correct shade and assist you in finding the best hairstyle.

•    Hera: Those interested in high-quality styling can look at Hera for their highlights and shades. They use good quality products and have been known for their service. Hence, if you want to experiment with shades and come up with something interesting, Hera is an option.

•   Kelture: High-quality spa salon is incomplete without the discussion on Kelture.

For the last 14 years, it has made a mark on the Singapore salon industry. They have a good understanding of personal style, have high-quality creativity and coloring techniques. You can explore the list of Singapore hair salons.

•    Leekaja: If you want to have chill time and good vibes, Leekaja is the best option. For getting brand new blonde hair and a completely flawless appearance, you will have to visit leekaja.

•    Art-noise: Having its roots in Tokyo, Art Noise started its business in 2014. It is a cozy salon that features an experienced team in hair styling.

•    Aqua Hair: Aqua hair is known for its high-quality coloring, perming or rebonding, and haircut. The professionals will assist you with the best hairstyle that suits your personality.

•    Visage: If you are only interested in coloring and haircuts, you can visit visage. Their rates are reasonable, and they are known for their cozy environment.

•    Twist hair salon: Very similar to Aqua hair, this salon is known for its coloring, rebounding, perming, and haircut. If you are interested in trimming and adding some volume to your hair, you must try this option.

•    Silkcut salon: Silkcut salon is known for its attractive location, high-quality service, and customer reviews. If you want to have a complete makeover, it is the best option.

With all these options before you, you may be feeling overwhelmed. However, you will have to research these options to get the best choice for your hair styling and makeover.

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