The Best Watch Band Replacement for OMEGA Speedmaster

OMEGA Speedmaster is undoubtedly the most famous watch model of the highly-renowned Swiss brand OMEGA. The main guy who made OMEGA Seamaster extremely successfully was none other than Michael Jackson. However, OMEGA Speedmaster became popular as it was extensively worn by the astronauts, visiting the moon.

This is also the reason that the watch is nicknamed as “Moonwatch”. Buzz Aldrin was wearing the same OMEGA Speedmaster as he stepped onto the moon in 1969. Since that time, the watch is known as “Moonwatch”.

Apart from this nickname, the watch also has another nickname which is “Strap Monster”. You must be wondering as to why this nickname has been given to the watch. Well, every strap looks crazily beautiful on this watch. Every strap[samsung gear sport bands] compliments it perfectly. All the materials that are employed in the making of bands are good for OMEGA Speedmaster. Thus, “Strap Monster” it is!

OMEGA Speedmaster is an excellent, durable, and highly versatile watch which means that you can switch the straps whenever you need to. So, let me tell you the finest band replacements for your precious OMEGA Speedmaster. Here we go!

NATO Strap

When you cannot think of any other option, NATO is the way to go! Yeah, the NATO Strap does the job really finely on pretty much all the occasions and finds itself among the classics straps. Whether you need to go to a friend’s home, or you are heading towards a big party, or you are planning for a movie night, this band is made perfectly for every event. You can wear it and go wherever you want to. It will never look bad, it is guaranteed!

All the NATO straps are too comfortable as you wear them. You will never face any sort of bruise or rash on your skin while you wear the NATO strap.

Also, people have termed it as the best combination, having the OMEGA Speedmaster with a NATO strap. OMEGA also offers a number of designs in NATO straps so you don’t have to search for it anywhere else. However, OMEGA would sell its bands at a high price.

Thus, if you are looking for a good strap for your OMEGA Speedmaster, you can definitely check out the third-party websites.

Canvas Strap

A Canvas Strap is specifically designed to provide you with military look and feel. When you need to feel a bit more rough and rugged, you need to head towards this option. So, when you get the Canvas strap in Green or Khaki, you automatically emit military vibes.

Canvas straps are made from good-quality cotton and viscose. The combination of both the materials make sure that your wrist is at ease at every point in time. Plus, the Canvas straps give you the flexibility of greater adjustment. There are more than 10 holes available on the strap so that you can fit it according to your needs. All the wrists are different in size. Hence, you need a band that is capable of fitting to your wrists. So, Canvas strap could be the best option if you are looking for an accurate fit.

The band is made in such a way that it would resist the harsh weather as well as water. Therefore, you can wear it without any worries about deteriorating it. It won’t be destroyed too quickly.

Leather Strap

A leather strap is a perfect option for OMEGA Speedmaster as it looks too elegant on this epic watch. The watch itself is too classy and while you add a leather strap to it, the look and appeal increase by 200%. Plus, you can wear a leather strap according to the clothes that you wear. Leather straps are known to suit any sort of dressing.

Your shoes, your belt, and your jacket can easily be compiled in a manner to match the leather strap. The leather straps are designed for casual and formal looks. Nonetheless, you can skip it if you are going for a brisk walk or starting a jogging session as leather straps are not too sporty.

Even if you wear it for a long period of time, you would not feel any sort of burden. Your wrist will be relaxed, calm, and composed. So, have you made the right choice of a leather strap for your OMEGA Speedmaster?

Textured Calfskin Strap

A textured calfskin strap looks to elegant and appealing as you attach it with your OMEGA Speedmaster. Calfskin is a very famous material for using in the making of high-quality straps. So, whoever picks calfskin strap for their OMEGA Speedmaster will be successful at portraying the best looks.

Also, the calfskin is highly popular for being available in a number of designs, textures, and colors. Therefore, you can pick any design or color according to your choice. Calfskin stitches to perfection. All the stitches are very fine and precise which adds up to the appeal of the watch.

The band looks simple yet it surpasses the other material by a large distance. It looks really subtle and so light that you can carry it without any trouble. Although a calfskin band might be a bit on the expensive side. But, it is worth the money. So, if you are fond of your OMEGA Speedmaster, you must not think even twice about buying the calfskin band.


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So, here we have come to an end of our recommendations regarding the best replacement for your precious OMEGA Speedmaster. Your OMEGA Speedmaster only deserves the best band. So, read our blog, make an informed decision, and place your order with Hemsut NOW!

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