Dogs Vs Cats: Why More People Prefer Canine Pets

When it comes to dogs versus cats, it’s hard to say which one is better. Both dogs and cats make awesome pets, each with their own unique qualities. However, when it comes to popularity, it seems that man’s best friend has the edge. While there’s no doubt that cats are great pets, more people do prefer canine companions. But why is this? There are several reasons as to why more people prefer owning dogs over cats.

More adaptable

Cats usually don’t cope well with change, which many people understandably find difficult. While a dog will be unfazed or even excited by a new baby, it’s likely that the same situation will cause a cat extreme anxiety. Even the slightest disruption in a cat’s environment – such as a new item of furniture – can cause stress and lead to destructive behaviours like scratching property, over-grooming, or spraying indoors. This, for most people, is not ideal, especially if we enjoy bringing new things into our lives or altering our routines. Dogs are much better suited to change and therefore the preferred pet for more people.

Promotes activity

Most people, when they first get a dog, realise that among the main responsibilities is having to take their pet for regular walks. This can be a positive lifestyle change as it encourages you to get out and about more. Studies show that walking offers a range of health benefits, such as reducing the risk of certain cancers and boosting immune function. But it’s not only your own health that you should be looking out for. Dogs, just like us, can develop health issues, especially as they age. It’s therefore wise to consider getting good pet insurance, like Petsure, that have a no upper age limit.

No litter trays

Regardless of whether your feline friend is an indoor or outdoor cat, the chances are it’ll still use a litter tray either way. While being a dog owner comes with the responsibility of cleaning up after your pet, this tends to happen outdoors, and this is what can make a dog more preferable to a cat. For many people, the thought of their pet doing their business within the home – even if it is confined to a box – can be off-putting.

Easier to train

One of the most obvious appeals to choosing a dog over a cat is that canines, by their nature, are more loyal and can be trained. Dogs have evolved to be pack animals and so adapt well to following a leader. This is certainly appealing as it means that dogs can be trained for all kinds of tasks ranging from fetching your slippers to assisting emergency services and people with special support needs. Indeed, many people love cats for their independent nature and admire their aloof ability to manipulate humans with their ‘don’t care’ attitude. However, many more people prefer being able to have a level of control over their pet and this is much easier to achieve with a dog.

Can keep you safe

For many people, owning a dog helps them to feel safer within their home or while out and about. This is especially the case for people living alone who feel more secure by having a guard dog. Dogs are likely to bark when someone comes to the door and so will alert their owners to potential intruders – their barking might even frighten off said intruders. Dogs, which are often likely to feel protective of their owners, can also make people feel safer when they’re walking alone in the dark.


The age-old debate of dogs versus cats might never be settled. However, with the loyalty and obedience of dogs, as well as their ability to adapt, it’s clear to see why more people prefer canine pets.

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