New to Medical Cannabis? Here is What You Need to Know

People have consumed cannabis to treat themselves medically for centuries, but perhaps it’s never been more popular than today. Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada for years, but the explosion of the recreational market has reduced the stigma for many, putting cannabis on their radar.

If you’re new to medical cannabis and are considering trying it, read this beginner’s guide to cannabis to learn a few to make your treatment more comfortable and effective.

Different Ways to Consume

Medical cannabis patients use their preferred method of consumption, and there are more options than you may realize. Some patients prefer rolling joints, while others prefer smoke-free options, like edibles or oils. 

Lifestyle is an important consideration, but there are also medical reasons why one method may suit one patient more than another. For example, more experienced patients or those who need an extra-strong dosage may be directed to edibles, with a slower onset but are more potent. 

Speak to your cannabis-trained pharmacist or healthcare practitioner before beginning your journey in cannabis.

Cannabis-Trained Pharmacists Authorize Everything

There isn’t merely one kind of medicine called “cannabis.” There are nearly countless cultivars, each containing different ratios of THC and CBD, while other strains have more Indica versus Sativa. 

Everyone has a specialized network of receptors in them called the endocannabinoid system, and cannabis interacts with it differently depending on its specific type. Just like a pharmacist prescribes pills, cannabis-trained pharmacists need to authorize whatever cannabis their patients take.

They will factor in their expert knowledge of cannabis and the body before authorizing your cultivar and dosage level, and they’ll answer any questions you may have.

Mindful of Overall Health and Dietary Issues       

Cannabis patients have a wealth of consumption options that can accommodate different health concerns. For example, some patients who want a smoke-free option may want edibles, but they need to avoid consuming too much sugar. 

Today, there are not just oils but dissolvable powders patients can sprinkle over any drink or food of their choice. Medical cannabis can treat a wide range of conditions, but it also adjusts to accommodate existing health issues.

Look for a registered pharmacy that stocks many products from licensed producers. A patient who prefers, say, cannabis oils needs to be able to choose from a wide variety.

You May Be Entitled to Discounts

Some medical cannabis may be covered by your health insurance, depending on your plan. Canadian Veterans are covered, too. Get the medicine you need and do everything possible to ensure you get the best price. 

Licensed pharmacies may offer patients occasional discounts which you can learn about by subscribing to their newsletter. Visit their website to learn more. 

People have been using cannabis globally to treat conditions for millennia, yet research is still uncovering new things all the time. If you’re a patient wondering if cannabis is right for you, speak to a healthcare professional or cannabis-trained pharmacist. They’ll answer any questions you may have, and even ones you didn’t think to ask.

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