A Primer on Natural and Complementary Therapies for Fertility Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

No two pregnancy journeys are the same. Though all such journeys have the same goal – to get pregnant — people reach it in varied and different ways. Most that have been successful though went all out leaving no stone unturned. Because what is the point of going through it and aiming for success when you’re not going to give yourself a fighting chance, right? You have the choice to take it easy or give it everything you got by trying all possible options. It’s never over until it’s over. One such choice is opting to go through your fertility journey with the help of natural and complementary therapies. This post will brief you on everything you need to know about it.

What are natural therapies?

Natural therapies are approaches to wellness, healing, and health that do not belong to conventional and evidence-based medicine. It generally involves traditional medicine that uses plant-based substances and ancient healing methods like acupuncture, remedial massage, and meditation.

Are natural therapies effective?

As natural therapies are not known to be evidence-based, little research exists to support their definite rate of effectiveness. Of studies that have been made on small pilot groups, the results are as follows:

  • Natural therapies have been found to significantly improve one’s mental health
  • Natural therapies have been found to significantly help in improving one’s chance of getting pregnant
  • Natural therapies have been found to aid in curing intense migraine
  • Natural therapies have been found to be effective in decreasing one’s high level of cortisol

Many people have reported experiencing an overall improvement in their well-being after undergoing natural therapies. And if there is one thing that you need to remember in figuring all this out: always listen to yourself. Always be in tune with your body. If your body is saying that something is working, keep doing it. If it’s saying that something is off, pause and reflect. Your body knows what it needs. You just have to develop a clear way to allow yourself to be able to solemnly listen.

Will complementary natural therapies help in fertility?

There is no solid evidence that can support the effectiveness of natural therapies in helping one deal with fertility issues. But numerous studies showed that women undergoing in vitro fertilization are 50% more successful in getting pregnant if they complement such processes with natural therapies like acupuncture and meditation.

What are the most popular natural therapies?

To date, women commonly rely on the following natural therapies to help them in their fertility and pregnancy journey:

1. Acupuncture

Women with fertility issues often accompany their treatments with acupuncture. Acupuncture involves the insertion of needles in certain pressure points on the body to help in the activation of energy flow and blood flow. It is an ancient healing practice in China. Chinese people use acupuncture for almost all their medicinal needs – from headaches to obesity, acne, and even fertility. Women who have successfully gotten pregnant with the help of acupuncture believe that the inserted needles greatly help in improving their blood flow and fertility. This is the case because acupuncturists center their practice on maintaining a harmonious flow of ‘qi’ in one’s body. When one’s qi is flowing harmoniously, one’s body is well. When one’s qi is blocked, that is when issues like obesity and infertility can appear. In acupuncture, experts simply trigger pressure points in the body to release blocked qi. If you’re from Perth and you’re looking to explore acupuncture, you should check out Baolin Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine. It is a highly trusted registered Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic with licensed and certified acupuncturists and herbalists in Perth.

2. Naturopathy

Practitioners of naturopathy take on a holistic approach to healing. It will not focus solely on your fertility issue. It will instead focus on treating the underlying symptoms and causes that lead you to have fertility concerns.

A consultation with a naturopath will be dedicated to figuring out a holistic way — this will normally involve an across-the-board lifestyle change — to boost your health. Naturopaths will be dedicated to empowering you to become your healthiest version. With you at your healthiest version, fertility will cease to be a concern.

3. Herbal Medicines

Humans have been using herbal medicines for over 60,000 years. Archaeological evidence shows that herbal medicines have been used in Iraq since 4000 BC. Herbal medicines have come a long way since then as they are now made available through ointments, tablets, and capsules. With herbal medicine, your body won’t be dealing with any harsh chemicals. All treatments will be plant-based. You need to take note though that you should only take herbal medicines for fertility when accompanied by the approval and supervision of your fertility specialist or GP. This is the case because although all are plant-based, some may have extremely powerful compounds that your body may be uniquely averse to. This can be as simple as being allergic to nuts and not consuming any form of herbal medicine that can have nuts as an ingredient.

4. Meditation

Meditation is a popular form of natural therapy that boasts of the most evidence that supports its effectiveness. It is effective in aiding one’s fertility journey because it promotes relaxation by allowing one’s mind to easily feel calm and serene. It is highly advised for women who are undergoing fertility treatment as it is effective in preventing and avoiding intense stress and anxiety.

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