Sport as a way to fight addiction

A healthy lifestyle is gaining more and more popularity in our time. In this article, we want to draw your attention to the special importance of a healthy lifestyle for an addicted person. Usually, with the beginning of use, a person’s behavior changes. He devotes more and more time and attention to the process of searching for a substance and directly using it. Less time is left for other areas of life. Over time, the addict completely disappears from any schedule of the day: they stop working, start to earn money for psychoactive substances in illegal ways, cease to devote time to health, appearance, intellectual and spiritual development, close people. In the end, they completely lose any structure of their personality and connection with society.

At this point, the first thing you would like to do will be searching women’s and mens rehab near me to find out more about different types of drug rehabilitation and how much sport is involved in each of them. A crucial moment in psychosocial rehabilitation, and the most effective method of treating chemical addiction, is structuring personality. This concept provides for the renewal of skills and abilities lost in the process of taking drugs. The goal of psychosocial rehabilitation is a gradual transition from an ineffective, destructive old model of behavior to a new, effective and progressive one. This process necessarily includes the formation of a healthy lifestyle in the dependent person. Undoubtedly, it is important for absolutely everyone, but especially for addicts. Only clear planning of your day, work schedule, sleep and rest, moderate physical activity, and proper balanced nutrition will help the addict return to a normal, happy, sober life and live enjoying it.

A person who got used to psychoactive substances for many years in this way fulfilled their inner request for emotions. Now, while forming a new model of thinking and behavior, they need to implement the same request but use different construction methods. This will be actively promoted by a healthy lifestyle. Only by maintaining a balance between work and rest, only by having a correct sleep and early rise, the human central nervous system will function normally. Overtime at work, night parties, lack of proper rest, or, conversely, idleness and oversleeping can push the addicted person to a breakdown: first, psycho-emotional, and over some time – returning to psychoactive substances.

Also, a properly balanced diet is an extremely important factor. It should include all nutrients, vitamins, macro and microelements necessary for a person. Only under such conditions will an addicted person feel happy, full of energy, and will be able to fully enjoy a sober life.

Now, let’s talk about sports. You have probably already heard that playing sports has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state of a person. Firstly, during sports, the body feels stress from exertion and secretes a special protein. This, in fact, forces the brain to release even more endorphins (hormones of joy) to compensate for the loss. This is why a person feels a surge of happiness after training. The main purpose of endorphins is to minimize pain, but their side effect produces a euphoric state that is so sweet for an addict. Thus, the addicted person satisfies the request for emotion, but in a healthy way.

In addition, physical activity improves sleep, which reduces the risk of many diseases. And also, physical activity energizes, as they provide the tissues of the body with oxygen and nutrients, which actually increases the level of energy. There is another important factor that calls for sports – this is a significant increase in self-esteem. The very factor that you, despite the difficulties and laziness, nevertheless came to training, gradually contributes to the growth of your authority in your own eyes.

Physical health is a crucial component of any rehabilitation program. The first step is always to detoxify and relieve withdrawal symptoms. At least, so that the person comes to his senses, and it is already possible to work with him. Sometimes there are cases of serious damage to internal organs and intoxication, which must be treated first. And only after that, we can talk about psychosocial rehabilitation.

Thus, the physiological sphere of the addict’s life plays a huge role in his entire new sober reality. A lot of rehabs for men and women understand that it is not enough just to relieve withdrawal symptoms and cure acute illnesses: health and well-being should be maintained at all times. At least because all this affects the psyche, the perception of the world and the way of life in general. A sick and weak person is unlikely to be happy, and a healthy and strong person is unlikely to start using drugs again.

Therefore, a lot of female and men drug rehab facilities place special emphasis on the introduction of all the above factors into the day schedule of drug addicts and alcoholics recovering from addiction, both in the process of psychosocial rehabilitation and resocialization and during their further cooperation with the Organization. Already in psychosocial rehabilitation, convalescents are accustomed to a clear daily routine: an early rise and an early end to the day. They are provided with a complete, balanced diet on a clear schedule. Also, during rehabilitation, such an important factor of sobriety as the order is laid. The order in the head begins with the order in the home and a neat appearance. During both women’s and men’s rehabilitation, in many rehabs, patients are given the opportunity to develop intellectually and physically. During the week, they may work out in the gym or play various team games, such as soccer, basketball, or football. Each time, people who are still at the stage of the rehabilitation program are invited to the game. This greatly motivates the recovering people and provides inspiration for further painstaking work on themselves.

Addiction is not a sentence or a diagnosis for life. Subject to the fulfillment of all the recommendations of specialists, a recovering drug addict or alcoholic will eventually be able to regain all the lost skills and get new ones that will ensure them a successful and happy life.

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