6 Tips for Meditating Daily

We all like to say “practice makes perfect” but how true is that statement?

If you’ve ever tried learning anything that requires mastery like painting, running, climbing, canoeing and so on you will quickly realize it takes an insane amount of effort to become really good at it.

That effort comes down to dedicating time into practicing your craft.

The same goes for meditating. It’s all fun Zen stuff until the excitement wears off or life pulls you in different directions. Then it becomes difficult to  maintain a daily dose of meditation.

If you’d like to meditate daily but don’t know how to keep it going, these tips will help:

1. Get Your Reasons Right

Many times we fail to accomplish tasks because we didn’t have the right reasons from the outset. It’s important to always do whatever you do for the right reasons.

Perhaps meditation isn’t something you want to be doing regularly or long term. Whatever the case, make sure to come to terms with your intentions as that affects the whole process.

If you simply want to taste the waters, for example, you will struggle to stick to a routine. But if you’re in it for the long haul, you will find the motivation to stay the course.

2. Take it Slow

You may be excited to get things rolling and start enjoying the benefits of meditating. While it’s fantastic that you have the enthusiasm to meditate daily, going for long periods may wear you out fast.

Take things slow in the beginning until it becomes easier to slip into a calm state in no time.

At first, you may find it difficult to achieve relaxation or free your mind. That may push you to make your sessions longer in hopes of success.

Try not to make your sessions result-oriented and focus on the journey. It’s best to shorten the time you meditate until it becomes a habit. Besides, positive results don’t depend on duration.

3. Your Comfort Zone

Comfort is huge in meditation, and if you want to create a routine, you have to find your comfort zone.

You’ve probably seen pictures or movie scenes where people meditate on elevations overlooking nature or urban landscapes. It’s a classic look and if that makes you comfortable, by all means, go for it.

However, you can meditate wherever you are, in your office, classroom, or at home. What’s important is creating a space that provides you the comfort you need.

4. Be Flexible

The last thing you want is to pressure yourself into making every day the same. It’s one thing to aim for daily meditation and another to put in the same amount of effort.

Recognize that every day is different. There are times you’ll be strong, healthy, available, and motivated. And then there are times you won’t be any of those things.

If you make meditation about completing a certain amount of time, what happens when you get busy or fall ill?

It’s better to focus on consistency over anything else, at least until you get into a rhythm.

5. Meditate with Someone

Sometimes it helps to have someone along for motivation. It could be a friend or someone with similar interests. The easiest way to meet other like minded individuals you can work with is through wellness programs and clubs.

When working with someone towards a common goal, it becomes easier to stay motivated. Your competitive side may kick in because you don’t want to be left behind.

Since group activities are usually more likely to survive longer than individual ventures, it makes sense to meditate with someone until you develop a habit.

6. Enhance Your Experience

How do you enhance your meditation?

Well, for some, especially beginners, reaching that deep state of relaxation can be a challenge. Instead of letting that obstacle derail your meditation goals, you can try safe ways to boost your experience.

Some people rely on soothing background sounds or even cannabis to deepen their concentration.

In recent years, certain varieties of psilocybin magic mushrooms have gained popularity among yogis and meditators. Veriheal has a detailed guide on these psychedelics.

Final Thoughts

Most probably meditation won’t click for you at the beginning. But that’s  just because you’re still learning to tame your thoughts and deepen your experience. You only need to stay the course and hopefully, our tips will come in handy.

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