Benefits of a Sensual Massage

Sensual massage, also known as erotic massage or tantric massage, is mainly performed as a way to stimulate libido. This type of massage is of Eastern origins and is considered an art form as well as an effective physical therapy. The history of sensual massage can be found over more than a thousand years and was widespread in China and India. In India, tantric massage combined the physical aspect of massage with spirituality. Western cultures have typically focused on healing uses for massage; however, many people now recognize massage as an essential part of sexuality.

What You Can Expect from a Sensual Massage

If you have never had an erotic massage, you may not know what to expect. Typically, you can receive a sensual massage at a spa or massage parlor specializing in these services. Most locations offer walk-in and set appointments and the ability to choose the masseur of your liking. Usually, there are several different types of massage to choose from, and the spa receptionist can provide you detailed information about each specific service. Once you have decided on a masseur and massage type, you will be led back to whichever area is designated for your service- it could range from a standard massage room to a jacuzzi or shower. Count on being naked, and the possibility of your masseur being nude as well.

How can an Erotic Massage Help?

There are many benefits of sensual massage for both men and women. If you have never tried an erotic massage Toronto is the perfect location for your first visit. A sensual massage is a great way to destress and connect with yourself emotionally and spiritually. Anyone willing to seek pleasure using new and different methods should try an erotic massage.

Erotic massage can help improve health and wellness in various ways. Relaxation and pleasure are more obvious, but several of the other benefits may surprise you. Here are some of the incredible results you might see from a sensual massage:

-Body confidence

-Decreased sexual problems

-Stronger, longer erections

-Lower risk of prostate cancer

-Less anxiety and stress

-Stronger immune system

-Lower risk of heart attack

-Decreased aches and pains

-Sleep Improvement

-Increased sexual stamina

-Improved breathing techniques that help to achieve full-body orgasms

-Cured female anorgasmia

-Orgasm or multiple orgasms

Improve Sexual Function

The benefits and uses of a sensual massage cannot be overstated. Sex therapists often use erotic massage to stimulate the libido or improve a person’s ability to respond well to sexual stimuli. Sometimes, this type of massage can be used as foreplay to increase sensitivity before another engagement where sexual arousal and gratification is expected. Erotic massage is often utilized in a professional setting to help men dealing with sexual issues like premature ejaculation, helping to prolong arousal and increase pleasure.

Consistent sensual massage therapy can also improve sexual function and increase stamina. An erotic massage helps teach you what you find pleasurable and relaxing, as well as how to get the most enjoyment out of an intimate encounter. If you have never experienced an orgasm or have difficulties reaching climax, an erotic massage is an effective therapy for female anorgasmia. Even if you are not experiencing any sexual problems, a sensual massage can significantly increase the quality and quantity of your orgasms.

Boost Your Immune System

Sensual massage boosts blood flow across the entire body, improving blood circulation and reducing symptoms of conditions resulting from reduced blood flow. Regular erotic massage offers a host of surprising health benefits, such as boosting white blood cells, which are imperative in protecting the body from illness, disease, germs, and viruses. Consistent sensual massage can also lead to improved immune function and better health overall. Erotic massage can result in an improvement of symptoms from various conditions, such as anxiety, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, soft tissue strain, muscle aches and pains, and injuries.

Lower Your Risk of Disease

A sensual massage can raise your heart rate and keep estrogen and testosterone levels in balance. If these hormones are low, various problems can start to develop, including osteoporosis and even heart disease. Engaging in some type of sexual activity at least twice a week can lower your risk of dying from heart disease, cutting your risk in half compared to those who do not have sexual contact often. Also, men who have orgasms regularly are less likely to get prostate cancer.

Another benefit of erotic massage is the ability to have a more productive sleep. For anyone suffering from problems falling asleep, frequent waking, or insomnia, a sensual massage can help create an increase in serotonin levels, an essential hormone for restful, prolonged sleep. Massage also helps by relaxing the body and soothing muscles with the various hand strokes, which can help an individual fall asleep more easily.

Stress Relief

One of the most fundamental reasons for getting a massage is stress relief. Massage strokes break down and smooth knotted muscles, resulting in a more flexible, relaxed body. A sensual massage can reduce cortisol levels in the body, the stress hormone that leads to increased weight. Massage can also increase oxytocin, an essential hormone involved with feelings of affection and bonding.

Because an erotic massage increases oxytocin and endorphins levels, it considerably reduces stress, both physically and mentally. Endorphins are thought of as the body’s natural painkillers and prevent pain signals from reaching the brain, helping to reduce body pains. Sensual massage also produces an increase in serotonin and dopamine, hormones responsible for happiness and very important for health.

Some people enjoy massage even beyond the numerous health benefits because it produces feelings of caring, comfort, and connection. If you have never tried this type of massage and would like to enjoy the benefits of erotic massage Toronto has many locations available for your first experience. Do not be afraid to experience something new; most people wonder why they did not try it sooner. Just a single one of these benefits can elevate your quality of life; imagine experiencing them simultaneously!

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