How To Prepare For The Next Pandemic

The recent spread of the Corona Virus showed our lack of ability to survive a pandemic. Things were in complete disarray, and the global situation worsened with each passing day. Not only millions of lives were affected, but the global economy also came to a halt.

Due to lockdown administered in most states, we were all stuck in our homes with nothing much to do. With little to no healthcare and hospitals running at full capacity, the world was going through a tumultuous time. Since we had no clue what we should do and how to handle the quarantine period, this situation was more than enough to tell us that we need to prepare for the next pandemic.

What Is Pandemic?

Did you know that the word ‘pandemic’ has its roots in Greek? It is a combination of two Greek words. The first one is ‘pan,’ which means ‘all’ The second word is ‘demo,’ which means ‘people.’ Thus, a pandemic is something that affects all people around the globe. It could be a virus, a bacteria, an infectious disease, or more. If any illness spreads quickly in a region, it is called an ‘epidemic.’

History Of Pandemics

That is not the first time that human beings have suffered through a pandemic. There have been pandemics before, and there will be pandemics in the future. For example, we have gone through the Ebola virus, Spanish flu, yellow fever, smallpox, and cholera. Not to forget the black death pandemic which occurred in the mid-1300s. It was also called the Plague. Our ancestors saw this one spread through Europe and Asia at a devastating speed. It was responsible for over 200 million deaths. Then again, in 1918, we saw the ‘Spanish Flu.’ Around 500 million people were affected, and more than 50 million died. Some people died within hours of contracting it.

How To Prepare For A Pandemic

Harvard Business Review reports that the on-going Coronavirus will occur in waves. Currently, we are short on competent doctors and health care professionals, as the demand exceeds supply.  But through proper training, we can prepare an adequate number of healthcare experts to handle the tremendous patient influx when the pandemic strikes. If you are willing to work towards the betterment of the society, enrolling in an online mph program will boost your career and help you serve your community.

Following is a five-step action plan to prepare for the next pandemic:

1. Learn Self-Diagnosis

We all saw the disastrous condition of hospitals and pharmacies during the recent Covid-19 pandemic. There was a severe shortage of pharmaceutical drugs and healthcare workers. Pharmacies and drug stores were out of medical supplies, and due to the limitations on traveling, the stock could not replenish on-time. Additionally, we also saw many healthcare workers succumb to the pressure of work or become victims to the Covid-19 pandemic themselves. Even if 10% of doctors fell ill and another 10% stayed home to protect their families, this would mean that people won’t be able to get the treatment that they want.

That is why you have to make sure that you have all the necessary medication at home. Learn to treat your illness at your home. You cannot rely on healthcare facilities for everything. If you feel that you are getting symptoms of any disease, quarantine yourself, and distance yourself from other house members.

2. Designate A Quarantine Room

The families with a Covid-19 patient reported that they had a severe problem isolating them and making sure that others were not affected. That meant that one by one, everyone got infected. That is why the CDC recommends that every house has a separate room and a separate bathroom to be used in pandemics. Think about which of your places is best for this purpose. Ensure that it has an attached bathroom or access to a bathroom that can be isolated if the need arises.

3. Stock Up On Essentials

During a pandemic, you have to make sure that you have at least two weeks’ worth of supplies. That includes food, water, and other necessities. You will need storage space for this like a pantry or use the attic or the basement that you have. This way, you can ensure that you won’t run out of food or water and won’t have to go out for more. That will immediately reduce your chances of getting infected.

4. Plan Ahead

Since we were caught unaware of this pandemic, we didn’t know what we were supposed to do about it. Schools were closed. Children were home all the time. Even now, we’re not sure when the schools will open. According to USA Today, we are still not sure what will happen when the schools open. Many parents will want to keep their kids at home and practice homeschooling. Some of the children will come to school but not regularly. That will affect the parents’ work schedules.

Multiple questions need adequate resolutions to avoid any difficulty. For example, how will you take care of your kids when you have to go to work? If your family needs you at home, are you willing to leave your job? Can you afford to do that? If the kids are at home, do you have the academic qualifications to take care of their education?

5.    Make Prevention A Habit

If you want to prepare for the next pandemic, take the above tips and turn them into a habit. That is not all. Make sure that you keep everything clean, including yourself and your household, to prevent any disease. Most importantly, prepare yourself mentally to maintain social distancing when such a situation arises again. That will help you to adapt to the changes inflicted by the virus.


This pandemic has taken a significant toll on individuals and families alike. These circumstances forced us to alter our lives overnight to adapt to challenging conditions. Although adjusting to a new routine can be difficult, but it is not impossible. With proper precautionary measures and social distancing, you can survive this pandemic and keep your family safe.

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