Are Calories Burned Driving A Car?

Are calories burned driving a car?

You might think this question is ridiculous, as driving is a kind of laziness. Well, the fact is not like what you think.

Indeed, you can drive a car and shed some pounds at the same time.

Amazing right?

However, there are some tactics for the best result of driving upon your weight. Stick around and find out in our article today.

How many calories can driving burn?

As you might know, every activity we do daily, including driving, consumes calories. However, it is evident that calories burned driving cannot be as much as other physical activities.

According to research, an hour of driving a car consumes 87 calories. While driving a truck can burn 167 calories per hour, you will spend 234 calories riding a motor scooter or motorbike for an hour.

Tips for more calories burned driving your car

Compared to other physical training such as walking, swimming, or running, driving is not a fast-calorie burner.

An hour of running can burn 490 calories for men and 400 calories for women, which is equal to five hours of driving a car. And if you swim for an hour, you will consume four times as much as calories burned driving. Likewise, a more relaxing exercise, yoga, can burn twice as many calories as navigating around in your car.

So, how can you increase the number of calories burned driving a car?

Here are some useful tips for you.


Breathing while driving a car is an essential thing you should pay attention to. Taking deep and long breaths benefits not only your mind but also your body and soul.

While driving might cause pressure tension to your brain, breathing might reduce your road rage and make your brain sharper. And when your mind relaxes, the burning process will be more efficient.

Inhale by your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. This simple breathing technique is so easy that we almost forgot.

Drink more water

A long drive might lead to dehydration and several consequences for your mind and health. You might suffer from headaches, distraction, and a lower ability to handle situations when dehydration.

So, the smart idea is to bring your bottle with you. And if you afraid of forgetting to drink water, set a reminder to sip.

Bringing water with you can also reduce the chance of stopping and buying some soft beverages. You can cut down on sugar intake by having healthy drinks in your car.

Moreover, taking your drink with you benefits the environment since you can fill your reusable bottle and keep it in your cup holder.

Eliminate junk food

Driving might offer you extra time to have snacks. And stopping at the gas station mart might be such a breeze that people might have junk food for a long drive.

However, if you want to increase the number of calories burned, avoid those sugary snacks.

Instead, store some healthy snacks such as nuts, whole-grain pretzels, low-carb crackers, or fat bombs inside your vehicles. Thus, you can reach for them when hunger comes.

If you know that your drive will last for a few hours, a light meal can bring you enough energy and chase hunger away. Moreover, it can avoid overeating during mealtimes.

Some music

Why don’t you spice up your journey with some music?

Your favorite song can help you get rid of the sluggish feeling. Moreover, it can help you relax and avoid road rage.

Especially when you drive alone, the long journey might make you feel sleepy. Music is a great way to pump you up and shorten the road.

Important notes for drivers

Although the number of calories burned driving a car can help you lose weight, you shouldn’t stay on your vehicles for too long.

Sitting a lot might cause many problems in the lower part of your body. You might encounter hemorrhoids or issues with your pelvis or disc when prolonged sitting still.

Plus, the amount of calories burned is far smaller when compared to other physical training. So, if you want to lose weight fast, driving might not be an ideal choice.

Final Words

If you fail on the plan of losing your weight by hitting the gym, burning calories while sitting behind the wheel is not a bad idea. However, the number of calories burned driving a car is quite small, it is better to take intensive training.

I hope that this article can help you with the question of how much calories are burned during driving. Don’t forget to give us a like and a share. Thank you for reading!

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