How much Do Light Therapy Cost for Eczema?

Light therapy has opened a new door of possibilities in treating eczema naturally and effectively. Here we will discuss the possible costs to get light therapy for treating eczema.

Depending on the light therapy device being used, the cost of light therapy for eczema can vary from 50 USD to 1500 USD. The therapy effectiveness can also vary depending on the device choice. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Cost Estimation of Light Therapy for Eczema

Light therapy has shown significant promise in treating eczema conditions. Different light wavelengths work differently on the skin to give users therapeutic benefits. Light therapy devices harness those wavelengths to allow users to gain those benefits in their convenient time and place.

Several light therapy devices are available to purchase in the marketplace. Let’s see what benefits users can get from different light therapy devices and how much it would cost them.

Light Panels

These are the biggest light therapy devices available on the market. Depending on the purpose, the size of light panels can vary as well.

The smaller light panels are used for targeted therapy, while the bigger light panels are used for full body light therapy.

In these light panels, a number of LED bulbs are arranged to emit beneficial light wavelengths. Some panels may contain a collection of different light wavelengths for additional health benefits.

Light panels can be costly for some, but these devices can be most beneficial for the users. Most light therapy panels are FDA-approved medical-grade devices. Therefore, users can use these therapy devices to cure eczema effectively without risks of severe side effects.

Light panels prices vary from $500 to  $2000 depending on the panel size and featured light wavelengths. If the users want to assemble additional light panels for better therapy sessions, the price increases accordingly.

Face Masks

Light therapy face masks are gaining popularity exponentially. These devices mimic the natural curves of the face to ensure even therapeutic benefits all over the face.

In most beauty salons, light therapy face masks are now used to treat eczema. Most light therapy face masks feature more than one colored light to give multiple skincare benefits.

For example, blue light therapy helps kill harmful germs from the face, red light and near-infrared light wavelengths induce healing, and green light wavelengths help calm the skin.

If users want to have a portable light therapy device with them, light therapy face masks can be an excellent option.

One can easily find light therapy face masks on Amazon. These devices may cost from $90 – $400 US each.

The problem with face masks is these devices cannot be used on other body areas other than the face. Many face masks are not FDA approved and won’t give the users therapy benefits.

Therapy Lamps

Another excellent light therapy device is therapy lamps. These devices feature a number of LED lights with fixtures attached to hold them.

Users can easily set these lights beside their bedside table or t-tables and use them while reading a book or performing handy tasks. Most of the therapy lamps are portable. So, users can easily move them anywhere to receive therapy.

Like face masks, therapy lamps can feature different colored lights for targeted benefits. However, as most therapy lamps are smaller, one may need to use them multiple times to treat large skin areas.

Depending on the therapy lamp size, the number of LED bulbs, and featured light wavelengths, light therapy lamp price can be ranged from $50 – $400 US.

Therapy Wands

Among other light therapy devices, therapy wands are the smallest of them all. The users can put the light therapy wands in their smallest bags to take them wherever they want.

These devices are specially designed to target eczema skin patches. One can simply turn on the device and put it one the affected skin area for 3 -5 seconds to receive light therapy.

Some therapy wands feature more than one light wavelength for additional benefits. Therefore, users can get rid of eczema patches effectively from the skin.

The biggest problem with therapy wands is they cannot be used for other therapeutic purposes. These devices are one-dimensional and can only be used on small skin patches.

Depending on the quality and available light wavelengths, therapy wands can cost from $50 – $ 200 US. Some therapy wands may cost less, but we don’t have any proof that they work.

Bottom Line

Light therapy is one of the modern methods of dealing with skin problems. Nowadays, users can easily find medical-grade light therapy devices to purchase.

However, light therapy devices can be costly for some users. But the benefits of this therapy outweighs the costs.

Depending on the users’ preferences, they can get any of the devices mentioned above. However, we recommend getting light therapy panels for additional health benefits.

Light therapy panels are most powerful among any other devices and start healing from the deeper of the skin. Thus, light therapy panel users can gain beautiful, flawless, and eczema-free skin naturally.

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