Pink Eye, What Is It And How To Fake Pink Eye?

Do you remember when you have an allergy or a respiratory illness?

One of their visible symptoms is the pink eye. By pink eyes, we mean the watery ones, which might cause pain or itchiness in your eyes.

So what if we could take advantage of this noticeable sign to fool people into believing that we are actually exhausted?

Think about it:

This trick will work well when you want to fake a sick eye for your Halloween makeover!

In this post, we will tell you the basic knowledge around this and how to fake pink eyes.

Let’s go!

What Is Pink Eye?

Pink eye, which is the more popular name of conjunctivitis, is contamination and inflammation of the sheer layer that covers your sclera (yes, the white part in your eye).

Maybe you already know, that the pink eye condition is infectious. If it gets served, it leads to laser surgery from Kansas City LASIK. So either if you really suffer from it or just want to learn how to fake pink eye, you should still try to restrict its spread.


Don’t you think that you need to know some pink eye symptoms?

In either case that you really have a pink eye or you are trying to fake it, you’d better know about them. Some common visible symptoms are:

  • Red veins appear in one or both your eyes
  • Watering eyes
  • Sore or itchy eyes
  • Hard to open your eyes in the morning due to dried discharge built up in lines eyelids
  • Have a scratchy and gritty feeling in the eye

These symptoms are very helpful if you want to fake the pink eye since they are all noticeable external ones.


It is okay if you are faking a pink eye for your Halloween costume. But what if it is because of your laziness and you just want to fake it for a day off?

You will need some convincing reasons to tell your boss (or your parent!) why you are in this infectious mess.

Some of the conjunctivitis’ causes that you should know (and avoid) are:

  • Virus: it usually comes with a respiratory problem and very infectious
  • Bacteria: same as the virus
  • Small dust in your eye
  • Allergies: caused by allergens such as pollen
  • A dirty sprinkle in your eye

How To Fake Pink Eye?

Step 1: Make Red Veins Appear In Your Eyes

#1: Try to dry your eyes

The very first step is to reduce the moisture in your eyes so that they would be irritated. Try to resist the urge of blinking, or dry your eyes faster with a fan.

Do not try to use strong irritants or directly touch your eyeballs, that is not how to fake pink eye! It just puts you at risk of having real conjunctivitis.

#2: Rub around the eyes

Rubbing around the eyes with your bare hand or a piece of onion can mildly irritate them and make red veins appear.

But do not directly scrub over the eyelids since this can get bacteria inside your eyes.

#3: Swimming

Water at the swimming pool contains a lot of irritants such as chlorine, human oil, or dirt. Swimming is an effective way to fake pink eye and even to get real conjunctivitis, so you should be careful when using this method.

Step 2: Make Your Eyes Water

#4: Peel the onion

Onion is the natural producer of tears! Peeling an onion is a simple yet effective way to create a tired watery eye.

#5: Eye drop

This is definitely the easiest way to fake tears for your pink eye. Go to the drugstore and grab an eye drop an put some extra drop on your eyes.

#6: Peppermint or menthol stick

These are the second easiest step on how to fake pink eye since you just need to hold the stick near your eye! This is how professionals do in their movies, so why don’t we try?

Step 3: Fake Eyes Discharge

#7: Create those yellow mucilage

You can use a little petroleum jelly or yellow-colored moisturizer on your eyelash or line eyelid as long as it does not make you feel irritated. This is the most impactful step of how to fake pink eye tutorial because when you have eye discharge, you are in a really, really bad situation.


So, we hope that this little guide on how to fake pink eye can help you get a day off (or an exceptional Halloween).

These tricks are a bit more-than-enough, so do not try to irritate your eyes more than this, or you can get real inflammation.

If you have any questions about this problem, please comment below. Thanks for reading!

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