Essential Oil For Fertility You Should Know

We all know that one of the most important preparations for pregnancy is to take good care of the woman’s body.

But… what else?

What could we do besides that to improve the chance of having a baby?

If you and your spouse are having trouble conceiving, then one of you might have fertility problems. You are reading it right; men can be the root of the problem, too!

Luckily, we have some oil remedies in case you want to try harmless natural treatments. Choosing the right essential oil for fertility can give you an angel!

Without further ado, let’s go!

About Essential Oils

Talking about essential oils, we think that you should know what they are first:

Essential oils are the highly concentrated plant extracts, which still maintain their natural scents of that plant. They have specific fragrant compounds that make them distinctive to each other. These extracted essences are then mixed with a base oil for easy use and preservation.

Note that: oils that are produced by chemical methods are not genuine essential oils. Pure essential oil is highly effective thanks to its concentration, which could even make you feel like being the middle of a garden.

One of the unexpectable benefits of essential oils is to boost fertility.

Essential oil for fertility?

Sounds… irrelevant, right?

Just come with us to the next part and see how they can affect your fertility!

How Essential Oils Can Boost Fertility

Reduce Stress And Difficult Feeling

Do you know what the pastel purple flower named Lavender can do?

Well, it is one of the best healing oils on Earth! Lavender oil could help regulate cortisol levels to prevent stress and tough feelings. Along with clary sage or bergamot oil, they all can help you remove redundant pressure and fall asleep easier.

Citrus oils such as grapefruit or wild orange oils could also help low-feeling people by dealing with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. They are capable of boosting your mood throughout the day.

Reducing stress and having a fresh feeling is the key to fast conceiving. We are not exaggerating, but finding the right essential oil for fertility will help your family, not just a bit!

Remove Toxicants And Aid Body’s Function

If you use the essential oils by diffusing them, then they will spread into the room and help clean the air for a safer environment. This would be much helpful for a couple who are trying to conceive.

Some citrus oils, especially wild orange or lemon oils, could help with body detox.

Do you know that the essential oils extracting from the citrus fruits come from their rinds, not their juice? That is why they are strong and effective enough to kill bacteria and support your fertility!

Moreover, a little peppermint oil is an efficient treatment for an upset stomach. Strong gut microbiome should always be there for your angel, are we right?

Hormone Balance Home Remedy

There are some recommended essential oils for hormone balance: clary sage or geranium oil for estrogen balance and thyme oil for progesterone balance.

Hormone unbalance issues could cause various problems, including reduced fertility. Although they might not show significant effect right after several uses, you should still consider this method if the hormone imbalance is the root of your problem.

Essential Oil For Fertility


Infertility problems in men can be abnormal sperm production, low-quality sperm, and so on. Essential oil for fertility that can help is:

#1. Rose essential oil

It could treat sexual anxiety and increase sperm count for people who are struggling with oligospermia.

#2. Frankincense essential oil

If you have trouble with low sperm density and motility, then this should be the perfect essential oil for you!

#3. Sandalwood essential oil

It can help with sexual disorders in men by inflaming his desires and improving his testosterone hormone.

#4. Basil essential oil

This oil has a magical effect: stimulate the reproductive organs.


Essential oils can help women deal with fertility problems such as stress, hormone imbalance, and so on. Consider those oils:

#1. Fennel Essential Oil

This oil fixes the inside of your body by balancing the hormones and controlling your menstrual cycle.

#2. Geranium Essential Oil

This oil is the best when it comes to reducing pressure and adjusting hormones in your body.

#3. Clary Sage Essential Oil

This oil will remove your stress and treat your hormone imbalance problems.

#4. Lavender Essential Oil

Well, extreme calming effects? Another oil that can help improves our menstrual cycle and also promote your endocrine system.


Have you found the best essential oil for fertility yet?

In case you are struggling with how to get pregnant, you can consider this gentle natural treatment with essential oils!

If you have any questions about pregnancy, please comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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