5 Reasons To Love Watching The AFL

Following a sport is a great hobby shared by many. You may see this, especially during tournament seasons with masses flooding restaurants or families pooled together in their living room to view live streaming on television. That said, it is undeniable that it’s a great hobby to have and full of excitement. However, aside from understanding a chosen sport, it may be challenging to pick a sports league with so many to choose from.

If you’re reading this, you may be wondering if AFL should be the league you want to watch. AFL, or footy, as locals like to call it, refers to the Australian Football League, a 150-year-old premier spectator sport in Australia. It may also be known as Australian football or Aussie rules. It’s an indigenous sport played with two opposing teams with the main objective of kicking the ball through the two goalposts. 

This game is certainly an exciting one that remains popular, especially amongst locals in Australia. If you’re considering watching it, it is undeniable that there’s nothing like a live AFL game, making this method a great option. Aside from this, you can catch it on live television and online live streaming.

If you’re hoping to begin following a sport for the first time or follow a new one alongside the ones you’re already watching, AFL is certainly worth considering. That said, here are several reasons that may help you with deciding if AFL is worth watching:

It’s A Great Bonding Activity

One of the best reasons to start watching footy is that it’s a great bonding activity, whether it’s with friends, family, or colleagues. This is especially true if you’ve just recently moved to Australia and are hoping to connect with the locals. In fact, it’s already become a tradition to watch the AFL regularly for certain families and communities. Furthermore, it’s also a great way to engender a sense of belonging in the community that you’re in.

It Displays Good Sportsmanship And Camaraderie

Despite the passion for the sport and the grueling rivalry between the teams in this sport, you’ll also witness several instances of good sportsmanship. For example, there have been cases wherein a player was given a score, but they admit that they didn’t deserve that score. This is just one example of several cases of players displaying great sportsmanship.

Along with this, it also applies to the teams’ fans who, despite the long history of the competition, remain to hold mutual respect even if they’re supporting the opposing team. As such, this makes watching the AFL a more enjoyable experience overall.

It Has Entertaining Announcers

Another reason why Australian Rules football is fun to watch and subscribe to is they have entertaining announcers who make the game more exciting and fun. From humor to accents, these entertainers certainly add unique elements that make watching the sport more amusing. Additionally, some of the announcers are also former players allowing you to hear comments from someone who’s been on the field and truly knows the game.

It’s A Sport With Great Diversity

The fourth reason why AFL is such a great sport to watch is that the league supports players from diverse cultural backgrounds. Not only does this help you hold deep admiration and respect for the sport, but it can be a very eye-opening experience, too. This is as they dedicate one day to celebrating the multicultural population in Australia allowing you to learn more about others and feel seen with your culture being celebrated.

The Celebration Of ANZAC Day

A must-know as you get into watching the AFL is ANZAC Day—a contest created to celebrate those who fought in World War 1. This event is an annual match that fans are often very eager to watch. Also known as the ANZAC Day clash, this day is when Essendon and Collingwood, two rival clubs, play against each other at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. In the past, this day often led to vast crowds attending the game or watching it on live television. If you’re considering getting into the AFL, this is an amazing experience that you won’t want to miss out on.


Watching and participating in sports is a great hobby to have and one that is beloved by many. This is especially evident during a tournament season when people flood restaurants to catch a live game or come together in their homes. And this doesn’t even take into consideration the number of audiences in stadiums that pay to watch the game live and in person. That said, the AFL is certainly worth considering as a league and sport to spectate and follow. As such, hopefully, the list of reasons above has helped you in considering if it is worth watching.

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