Should You Give Psychedelics a Try

Tripping on magic mushrooms can be a joyful, beautiful, and even life-changing experience that you’ll remember forever and never regret. 

If you have tried magic mushrooms in the past, then you know just how profound the experience can be. If you haven’t tried but are considering trying psychedelics like rainforest magic mushroom chocolate, look up online testimonials of people who’ve done shrooms. If you’ve friends who’ve dabbled in psychedelics—mushrooms or other psychedelics like LSD—ask them what their experiences were like. There is a good chance they will tell they had a wonderful time on psychedelics. There is a good chance they will encourage you to try. 

Or they will tell you to stay away from psychedelics. They might tell you that tripping was not the most pleasant experience they have ever had. 

The truth is tripping on psychedelics is not for everyone. That said, though, neither is yoga, rollercoaster rides, or swimming at a beach in the tropics. What’s wonderful for some is not what’s wonderful for others, and whether or not you will enjoy tripping on psychedelics like magic mushrooms, LSD, DMT, or peyote is tough to say. You might not know whether you like tripping until you give tripping a try. 

If you are seriously considering giving tripping a try, your best bet is to start slow, with a microdose. Think of tripping as you would think about a hot tub: it’s better to dip your toes in before going any deeper. Test the waters. If you like how the water feels, go a little deeper. If you don’t, well, wasn’t it worth a try? 

How to Give Psychedelics a Try

The danger with trying psychedelics is that your experience can go either way. It can go great, or it can go terrible. Or it can start off great, then get terrible, then get great again. Or it can go somewhere in between. 

By starting slow, you give yourself a chance to taste the experience of being on psychedelics without the risk of feeling out of control. It’s the most prudent way to try out psychedelics. If you like how you feel, and you’re in a good headspace, in a calming setting, without anything to do for the rest of the day, try doubling your dosage and see how things go. In other words, start light, then take baby steps. 

A Guide to Dosage 

But what, you might be asking, is a baby step? 

First off, know that not all mushrooms contain the same amount of psilocybin, the active compound that causes psychedelic effects. If you procure magic mushroom chocolates or other psilocybin from a dispensary, the products might tell you how much psilocybin it contains. 

Second off, know that not all people respond the same way to the same dosage. Some people are lightweights, others not so much. 

In general, however, a low dose of psilocybin is under 10 grams. From then on:

  • 17.5 = a moderate dose
  • 35 mg = a high dose
  • 50 mg = a mega dose 

So start slow and, if you like how you feel, build from there!

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