7 Ways to Feel Amazing Both Inside and Out

Feeling great starts from within and, only then, will it radiate on the outside. There’s no other emotion that compares to feeling amazing. However, it’s easier said than done. In our day and age, satisfaction and confidence levels have reached all times low. What’s changed?

Truth be told, there’s an exasperating feeling of needing to keep up with the Joneses. Social media has given us an unrealistic understanding of what it’s like to be ‘successful’, ‘attractive’, and even ‘charismatic’. Thankfully, there’s more than one way to overcome this and start feeling amazing both inside and out. Here’s how…

Morning Stretch

Starting your day off with a stretch is a great way to get your blood pumping. As soon as you wake up, have a big drink of water, and get on your feet. This will help you feel much more energized throughout your day.

If you’ve never practiced stretching, try out a few yoga poses. There are tons of resources online that teach yoga for beginners. If the weather is nice, try doing this outside and see how amazing you start to feel.

Get All Your Nutrients

If you aren’t feeding your body with all the nutrients it needs, its unlike that you will feel good. If you’re constantly feeling weak or tired, you may very well be malnourished. To practice a healthy diet, you need to have a balanced intake of all seven nutrients.

You need to make sure you are drinking enough water and consuming plenty of fiber carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. If you need a little boost, check out what www.steelsupplements.com says about nutritional supplements. 

Lend a Helping Hand

More often than not, feeling amazing stems from making other people feel great too. Don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand, whether this be to a family member, a friend, a charity, or even a stranger.

Find a cause you truly believe in and help them in whichever way you can. This doesn’t have to involve money; you can simply donate your time and energy to help them with their day-to-day tasks.

Social Media Detox

Social media has many benefits, it allows us to connect with people across the world, provides infinite entertainment, and gives us a form of self-expression. However, this new phenomenon also has a dark underbelly.

Social media is fun, but ultimately it is just a pre-crafted representation of our lives. It doesn’t give an accurate description of how you are feeling every day. It’s far too easy to start comparing your life to others on social media. Try having a detox from all sites and see how you feel when you come back.

Start a Journal

A journal is a great way to connect with yourself. We often get so caught up with day-to-day life, that we never find any time for ourselves. Writing down your feelings, aspirations, and goals can help you manifest the life you’ve always dreamt of.

If you’re not a fan of writing, you can also start a scrap booking journal. Print out pictures, jot down memories, and keep trinkets in a book that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to unleash your creativity and have fun.

Release Exercise Endorphins

If you want to feel amazing, try sticking to an exercise routine. When you exercise, your body begins to release endorphins, a naturally produced chemical that helps relieve stress and boost your mood.

If you’re not used to working out, you may not feel the rush of these endorphins straight away. Let your body catch up and feel the gradual lift in your mood as you go along.

Spa Day

Sometimes all we need to feel great again is simply a day of pure relaxation. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a complete spa day, even if you’re all by yourself. We all deserve a day off and this is a great way to recharge your batteries.

If you can’t afford a full-blown spa experience, why not do it yourself at home? Get some candles out, light an incense, and draw yourself a bubble bath with good natural body scrub.

At the end of the day, your mental and physical health is the only important factor. Take time out of the day to truly focus on yourself. There’s no reason to compare your life with the lives of people around you. Live in your own reality, make decisions you are proud of and continue to live to the fullest.

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