5 Ways To Get The Right Orthotics For Your Needs

Orthotic shoes or insoles are a great way to alleviate foot pain and to find adequate ankle support. The following tips will help you make an informed purchase!

1. Wear Favorite Shoes For The Fitting

Orthotics are easily manufactured to meet any sized or shaped feet, but they really should work well with your favorite pair of shoes. In short, make sure that your orthotics provide the right kind of support for your feet and ankle for the shoes you prefer to wear most often.

2. Understand Your Own Foot Problems

Before shopping for orthotics at Orthotic Shop, make sure to gain a proper understanding of your foot problem or issue you’re trying to correct. Many over-the-counter options may seem good at first, but they don’t provide enough real support to make a difference. The right orthotics won’t just support your feet, but they will help correct the problems that cause you pain.

Orthotics are especially recommended for plantar fasciitis. This painful foot condition causes the connective tissue from your heel to the soles of your feet to become inflamed, and as such, orthotics can help with pain management.

Overpronation and supination are also common foot problems that can lead to potential pain and injuries. Whether your ankles roll inward or outward, the right orthotics can help realign your feet properly and ensure that they’re adequately supported. If left untreated, both of these ailments can lead to hip, knee, and back problems in due time. For supination, a semi-rigid or rigid insole is recommended.

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For those suffering from heel pain or spurs, choosing orthotics with shock absorption and cushioning is a good idea. Lastly, for arthritis and diabetes patients, inserts that promote healthy circulation are a must!

3. Consider Activity Types When Purchasing Orthotics

The orthotics you choose will need to provide the right kind of support for your lifestyle needs. Whether that means standing for long hours at work, or performing well in athletics, it’s crucial that orthotics help manage pain and align feet properly.

4. Get Professional Assistance

Make sure to seek expert help and advice when it comes to assessing and managing any foot conditions that you may have. It’s important to know exactly the kind of support your feet need and what problems you’re trying to adequately eliminate.

5. Choose Custom Orthotics

It’s crucial to get orthotics that are completely customized to your own needs and lifestyle choices. That means using state-of-the-art technology to assess the bone structure of your feet and to take wholly accurate measurements. The right podiatrist or center can help you ensure that your orthotics are custom made just for you!

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