What do you need to know about L&l Insurance?

L&I is the state department of Washington solely dedicated to the health, safety, and security of the workers of the state. The insurance system covers any workplace injury benefitting the employees with medical care, partial disability, and other payments.

As a worker, you are required to pay an insurance premium to claim for this no-fault L&I injury coverage. Hence, if you are hurt or injured at your job, you are entitled to assert on receiving the L&I benefits.

Who is covered under L&I insurance?

Every worker is covered by L&I insurance. So, if the thought “Am I Covered By L&I Insurance?” pops in your head, the answer is YES! However, most employers may deny you this fact to discourage you from filing a claim.

Nonetheless, remember that you are covered even if you are undocumented or not a citizen of Washington. The rule abides by all the working class irrespective of any formulated norms by the employer.

How does the L&I claim progress?

The Labor and Industries claim progresses with the following steps:

  • Experiencing any workplace injury.
  • Consulting a doctor concerning the medical treatment.
  • Filing a claim to deal with L&I.
  • Receive the L&I benefits.
  • Get complete medical care with Independent Medical Examination (IME), determining your working condition’s status.
  • Close your claim negotiating a settlement.

However, the proceedings may not turn out as smooth as it sounds and there can be certain complications. For instance, L&I does not provide coverage for the pain and suffering of an individual out of a workplace injury.  But if you are diagnosed with depression, you can eventually get paid. Yes, that’s the tricky part!

Benefits provided by labor and industries to the workers

L&I can benefit injured workers with the following services:

  • Medical care and assistance
  • Vocational services
  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) settlement
  • Loss of Earning Power  (LEP) benefits
  • Pensions
  • Death payments
  • Time loss benefits
  • Travel rebate

You can leverage these advantages by filing an L&I claim.  Meanwhile, if your workplace injury was caused by a third party, you can apply for both L&I and a third-party claim.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is PPD Settlement?
    A. Permanent Partial Disability is the reward money you receive considering the measurable impairment (if any) from your workplace injury.
  2. Will L&I pay for my medical bills?
    A. Yes, L&I will pay for the medical treatment you receive concerning your workplace injury or occupational disease.
  3. What is the statute of Limitations?
    A. Statute of Limitations refers to the assigned deadline to file an L&I claim. In case of a workplace injury, you have 1 year to file the claim, while in occupational disease, the statute of limitations is 2 years or more.
  4. How to file a Labour and Industries claim?
    A. To file an L&I claim, you’ll need to see a doctor and fill in a Labour and industries accident report form.
  5. Do I need to hire an attorney to represent me for the worker’s compensation claim?
    A. You can hire an attorney to lead your Worker’s compensation claim. However, there is no such obligation to have legal counsel.

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