What to Expect at a Broward County Day Spa

To say that people across the globe are today more stressed than they have been in living memory might not be the overstatement that it appears to be. The impact of the Coronavirus has not only lead to the deaths of a myriad of people across the globe – but it has changed the lives of every one of us. And with change comes anxiety and increasing levels of stress. We are faced with regulations of when we can travel and where we can go, we are faced with having to wear masks and entertainment options are now more limited – and in certain circumstances, our ability to simply interact with other human beings has been curtailed. Add to this financial stress – for many people their financial future is no means certain. It is a wonder that our mental nerves are on edge. However, there is a way to recharge those tired mental batteries – and this is to take some time to yourself, but in a good way. Pamper yourself, cast away those cares for a while, and book a place at In the Clouds Broward County day spa.

If one examines what is available at a day spa it becomes almost immediately apparent why people are finding the services at these spas an indispensable aid to simply relaxing. So, if you are considering that day spa experience – what can you expect?

By far and away the most popular treatment that is offered at day spas is massage. However, that message comes in a variety of forms – each suited to the unique requirements of the individual. The two most popular types of massage are Swedish and deep tissue massage. Swedish massage is applied with firm pressure to the entire body, while deep tissue massage is far firmer and is aimed at resolving deep-seated muscular pain and tightness. However, many spas are increasingly offering offer massage options such as aromatherapy massage where the client (with the help of a consultant) will identify oils that promote relaxation – and these are then used in the massage process. A hot stone massage is also popular. The stones are heated and placed on certain points of the body – they retain their heat for long periods and the penetration of this heat helps relax muscles.

Another popular treatment is a facial. There are a variety of different types of facials – and making a choice can be intimidating, however, they all consist of the same basic components – cleanse, exfoliate, extract, massage, and mask application. The consultant will examine the skin and make recommendations on which particular products would be most beneficial.

There are also the body treatments that can aid in restoring the skin to pristine condition – and are incredibly relaxing. The types of body treatments can vary. There are seaweed wraps or treatments such as mud or clay that are aimed at detoxifying the body and others that are hydrating. Body treatments will usually involve an exfoliating scrub as well. This can be gentle using sugar (for instance) or rougher when exfoliants like salt are used.

If you need a relaxing day of pampering (and who is not in this day and age) consider a day at a spa in Broward County, it is a decision that you will not regret.

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