Why Do My Glasses Give Me A Headache – Let’s Find Out The Answer

Why do my glasses give me a headache? People often get a little uncomfortable whenever they wear glasses, especially the newly purchased ones.

Then what’s the cause behind that? Do the glasses have any problem? Or could it be that you have a chronic headache?

You must have a thousand questions about your abnormal headache.
Well, lucky for you. It is not worth worrying anymore. This article is going to help you unveil this mystery. Scroll down to find out the most suitable answer.

Why Do My Glasses Give Me A Headache?

Here is what will happen to you while wearing glasses.

First, your eyes might not adapt to your new glasses. Sometimes, your eyes take time to adjust and adapt if you are using new glasses. It is nothing out of the ordinary.

You can suffer from eye strain or blurry vision. Typically, this situation only lasts for 1-2 days. However, you had better worry about the matter: “Why do my glasses give me a headache” if it lasts more than 2 days.

You might have a wrong prescription indeed. It can be a weaker, or stronger prescription, that you actually need.

Most notably, it is really a big problem when you are using progressive lenses. These lenses must have the precise measurement, otherwise, it will affect your eyes seriously.

The optometrist does sometimes pick the wrong for you. If that is the case, it’s time for you to seek help from other optometrists.

Second, the glasses frame does not match is not suitable for the size of your head and your face. It doesn’t happen as frequently as the optical prescription.

To be more specific, it can be too big or too small to your face. Or the bows are too short, end up forcing the glasses to fit your face. Hence, your nose or your ears would be put under too much pressure. 

Because of this reason, you will find yourself suffering from instant headaches.

Last but not least, why do your glasses give you a headache? Is it from dry eyes? Have you ever thought of this symptom?

Once your eyes are dry, you will squint them more as they become more sensitive to the light. Then, it leads to your headaches.

Here are all the reasons for your question “Why do my glasses give me a headache?”. Keep scrolling down to solve this problem thoroughly.

How To Adapt To Your Glasses Soon?

The most frequent reason for headaches or eye fatigue is that your eyes cannot adjust to the new glasses. Hence, I think that you have already known what to do.

Let your eyes have enough time to adapt. Some specialists often recommend that you had better wear your new glasses for 3-4 hours during the first period. Then, take a break to help your eyes adjust to the new prescription.

Of course, whenever you suffer from headaches while wearing glasses, take off the glasses and close your eyes until the pain is gone.

Do not give up wearing your newly-purchased glasses immediately when the symptom appears. Be patient as it takes time to get the result you want.

What is more, remember that you should not wear your old glasses if you find it challenging to adapt to the new ones. It can prolong your adjustment period. As a consequence, you will not be able to get used to your new glasses at all

However, the matter is what happens if there is no sign of the headaches to be easy up. Well, it’s time for you to refer to your doctor’s advice.

“Why do my glasses give me a headache?” Feel free to ask your doctor this.

If the instant headaches still bother you every day, the problem can be much more severe than we imagine. I think that the problem may lie in the mistake of your optometrist.

If an improper frame prompts your headaches, you only need to change them. You can change from the round frame to the rectangular, from a small frame to a large frame, or vice versa. They will optimize the fitting so that your ear and nose can adapt to your new glasses comfortably.

On the other side, the pain can arise from the wrong measurement. In this case, the optometrist can check the prescription or measure the pupillary distance. After that, they can fix the problem for you.

Meanwhile, the solution for your dry eyes is that you should take a rest. Try to look at a distance, gaze at the space to reduce eye fatigue significantly.

The Bottom Line

After reading the article, can you find out the answer to your question: “Why do my glasses give me a headache?”?

When you suffer from headaches for the very first time you wore your new glasses, just keep calm. Then, find out the cause so that you know what you have to do next.

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