5 Tips to Keep Children Happy and Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

With winter now upon us and the new year beckoning, many of us will want to keep 2020 in the past due to the pandemic. Over the last year, the coronavirus outbreak has had catastrophic consequences for billions of people across the world. If you’re a parent, doing everything you can to keep your children safe and secure will be your top priority.

When at school, your child will have access to hand sanitizer, desk dividers, and adhere to social distancing guidelines. When they return home, there are lots of measures you can take to reduce the risk of them catching the virus, such as those listed below.

Encourage Handwashing

Once your children are out the door and the school bell rings, there are all kinds of people they will come into contact with. And when you factor in how many surfaces they will touch along the way, it’s even more important that they wash their hands with soap and water immediately when they return home. It’s your job as a parent to encourage handwashing, regardless of how old they are. Even though children are at low risk of getting seriously ill from the coronavirus, you or other members of your family may be at high risk.

Follow a Balanced Diet

Although we’re living in strange times and many things are out of our control, you do have the power when it comes to what your children eat. A healthy, balanced diet is critical for your child’s development, and foods full of nutrients and vitamins will help your child function well and prevent diseases. Making sure your kids eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is a great way to build up their immune system.

Get Plenty of Sleep

A good night’s rest is critical for keeping your body healthy and having the time to fight against infections, but children in particular need to have good quality sleep to keep healthy. If your child is struggling to drift off and get adequate rest, there are lots of tips and techniques that can help, including restricting screen time, making their bed as comfortable as possible and setting a strict bedtime.

Regular Exercise

As winter sets in and temperatures begin to drop, your kids may not relish the idea of playing outdoors. However, when it comes to maintaining good physical and mental health, exercising outdoors can prove invaluable. While the COVID-19 pandemic has halted how much physical interaction your kids can have with others, there are still tons of activities they can do to keep active. There are many health benefits your kids can gain from regular exercise during the winter which will aid development and keep their spirits lifted.

Support Your Child’s Emotional Wellbeing

If your children are of school age, there are all kinds of fears and concerns they may have at the moment. None of us have been through a global pandemic like COVID-19 before, and there doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by without an update about the outbreak. However, your children will pick up on your own worries, so trying to reassure them and being there to provide emotional support is crucial.

While vaccines are currently being tested and rolled out across the world, there are still numerous safety measures you must take in day-to-day life to keep your children and others safe and protected from contracting and spreading COVID-19.

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