In Search Of Well-Being

Explore wellness tourism as an ally for a life of abundance and fulfilment. This growing segment pampers travellers under three pillars to achieve harmony: revitalizing treatments, transformative experiences, and a healthy diet.

The deepest journey is the one made within oneself, that is why we travel looking for experiences and we find transformation. Not long ago, vacations were about just lounging on a beautiful beach. But times have changed. Now you are looking for inner peace, eating healthy, and exercising your body and mind.

To transform yourself while travelling, you must be aware of the new demands of our era. What is a luxury in our century? It does not materialize in objects, but rather focuses on experiences that cause fulfilment. Demand for wellness professionals is growing, even in locum tenens companies. This is reflected in figures, in recent years the wellness industry grew 12.8% and represents 5.3% of the world economy.

There are various ways you can take advantage of wellness treatments and activities. Here are some ideas:

Natural tourism

Returning to nature has also become a responsibility, and thanking your body for everything you experience while travelling is an obligation.

Travel and wellness

In the times we live in, eating habits are also packed when packing for travel, leaving behind the idea that vacation calories don’t count.

Conscious travellers reduce the environmental impact they cause on the destination and take care of what they eat for their own sake and health. They venture to try local flavours and learn about new ingredients that do not endanger the overexploitation of a species.

And, according to the Global Fund for Nature, 75% of the world’s food supply comes from only 12 species of plants and five animals. For this reason, in addition to having activities and facilities that promote well-being, the dream place to rest must have a varied and balanced menu.

The wellness travel trend is transforming the tourism industry as it does our body, mind, and soul. But above all, it is inviting us to free ourselves from what we do not need and to accumulate enriching experiences.

Trends in gastronomy

  • Ayurvedic diet – align your body, mind, spirit, and senses through a healthy lifestyle. To do this, classify the benefits of food to your constitution, with principles in Hindu wisdom. At various wellness hotels, they have Ayurvedic practices, such as sattvic meals and fasting programs.
  • Mindful eating – mindful eating is a practice that invites you to create habits that take care of your health. It relies on living in the present, self-knowledge, and reducing mental saturation when it comes to eating. Every year you can choose from various Wellness Getaways, with wellness professionals and conscious menus.

Trends in spas

  • Wellness retreats – programs focused on achieving specific objectives to improve your senses in a comprehensive way, including rejuvenation, stress management, and meditation.
  • Local influence – the application of ancestral knowledge has gained popularity in therapeutic terms, and experiencing it in their region of origin is a must. At some spas, they have treatments and natural ingredients inspired by ancient traditions.
  • Customized services – for added comfort, many hotels have incorporated a spa service into your room. In this way, you can receive treatments designed to revitalize you in a short time.

Trends in entertainment

  • Outdoor – both due to the pandemic and to seek reconnection with nature, outdoor activities are perfect for a life of well-being. Check out options such as open-air hydro-circuits, zip lines, kayaking, and archery.
  • Seminars – wellness coaching is becoming more common and the benefits are reflected in your attitude towards life. Other types of dialogues, workshops, and therapies, whether virtual or face-to-face, are also effective in finding a state of peace.
  • Socialize in your environment – festivals that celebrate a conscious life bring together people who share your lifestyle. There are three-day or one-day events planned around the world as an urban retreat to escape the ordinary.

Final thoughts

Treat yourself to a wellness stay to transform your body, mind, and soul. Find yourself, and the right to be healthy and enjoy the world around you, taking into account the benefits of health and physical and spiritual growth. Experience profound change through spa treatments, mindful eating menus, and revitalizing physical activities.

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