7 Amazing Facts about Penis Envy Mushrooms

Mushroom growing is a common activity and hobby for many. Mushrooms are a good source of nutrition and come in a wide range of varieties. A common example is the Penis Envy and isn’t easy to spot. Nevertheless, its shape attracts many and has led to research on its origin and uses. 

The penis envy mushroom is highly potent in psilocybin and is challenging to grow. However, you can get quality mushroom spores from leading stores, and there are various things to know about this magic mushroom.

What’s the history of the penis envy mushroom?

 Penis envy is a unique mushroom variety of the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom. It is highly potent and has a fascinating history behind it. However, due to the legality issues surrounding the mushroom, there are no accessible tests to ascertain the potency of the mushroom.

 Nevertheless, some reports claim that consuming the mushrooms offers an intense and euphoric effect than other mushroom species. It has a strong effect and is purported to have a high concentration of psychotropic alkaloids and psilocin. There’s a lot to know about this mushroom, and you can get more information from Fungus Head. By visiting the compnay’s site, you’ll also learn of other Psilocybe mushroom spores and syringes and where to get them.

 Penis envy mushrooms have a captivating story featuring McKenna. He is believed to have found the mushrooms growing in the rainforest in the early 10970’s. During this time, mushrooms were illegal in most countries, including the US. However, the spores were not prohibited since they don’t contain psilocybin or psilocin.

He took some spore prints, sandwiched them in purple-black prints, and successfully smuggled them to the US. What did he do with the prints? He started cultivating the mushrooms and developed new techniques, which would later feature in his growing guide. Also, he sent several prints to his mycologist colleagues. Steven Pollock, one of his colleagues, believed that they were very effective in treating psychological conditions.

What are the facts to know about this magic mushroom?

1. The mushroom resembles the male penis.

The penis envy mushroom takes the shape of the human male penis, where it derives its name. The mushroom has a thick stem and a bulbous cap, which may sometimes diverge from the stem. Where can I get such mushrooms? You can buy penis envy mushrooms and spores from leading online stores.

2. There’s no clear evidence of its origin.

No one can truly tell the origin of the penis envy mushroom. However, there’s a high likelihood that the mushroom came from a mutation from the Amazonian Cubensis after mycologist Terence McKenna started growing the mushrooms. However, there and no confirmed facts on its origin, and some people confuse other mushroom species with penis envy.

3. The penis envy mushroom results from excessive genetic mutation

 Various lab tests show that the penis envy mushroom can revert to resemble the cubensis mushroom. This indicates that recessive mutation may be the major reason for this, meaning that the mushroom should exhibit two mutated copies. Otherwise, it won’t exhibit the properties of the original mushroom. Although some mushrooms may resemble the penis envy, they are likely to be mutated copies. Therefore, they won’t look as the original mushroom would.

4. Penis envy mushroom is highly potent.

There isn’t adequate proof to show that penis envy is a mutant strain, but truth be told, it’s very potent. The strain used to cultivate this mushroom is powerful, and the mushroom grows slowly. This is actually slower than the traditional cubensis mushrooms. 

Due to the slow growth, the mushroom has ample time to produce psilocybin, responsible for the hallucinogenic properties. For this reason, the mushroom contains more psilocybin in every gram compared to the cubensis.

What’s the proper dosage? Due to its high potency, the penis envy isn’t ideal for beginners. But, if you insist on taking this strain, start slowly and work the doses up slowly until you build tolerance. A microdose ranges between 0.1g to 0.5g, while a mild one should be between 0.5g to 1.0g

The factors affecting the doses include;

  • The amount of food eaten ingested before taking the product
  • The Storage methods
  • The Age of mushrooms
  • The use’s tolerance levels
  • Desired level of high

5. It’s a magic mushroom.

Are you wondering what a magic mushroom is? There are mushrooms containing psilocybin, a natural hallucinogenic or psychoactive element. These mushrooms were used for therapeutic purposes and psychological exploration in the past. And this is why you’ll sometimes find magic mushrooms being sold as dried pieces that you can mix with food and drinks.

 It’s also worth noting that magic mushrooms are classified as a Schedule I drug in the US. You may have heard many other names, and all refer to psychoactive mushrooms. These include;

  • Shrooms
  • Mushies
  • Blue meanies
  • Liberty caps
  • Golden tops

The mushrooms have different effects, and some people experience nausea, drowsiness, nervousness, paranoia, hallucinations, and psychosis after using them.

6. The spores resemble the cubensis but are different.

Most people believe that the penis envy mushroom spores resemble those of the cubensis strain. It’s not easy to tell the difference even when observing the spores under a microscope since the color, size, and shape are similar. But, they are different in that the penis envy mushroom spores open their cap differently.

Also, you can’t make spore prints with the penis envy and require a syringe to harvest the spores. You will also find the spore syringe in some online outlets, and they are sold for research purposes.

7. It’s difficult to cultivate

 The penis envy mushroom is rare and difficult to find, unlike other mushrooms. This can be attributed to the fact that it’s difficult to grow. Although they attract many growers due to their potency and weight, they are the most difficult cubensis variety to cultivate. One of their major drawbacks is that they drop a few spores due to their physical features. Also, they are less resistant to contamination and require specialized conditions for the incubation stage.

Insummary, you’ll get different magic mushroom spores in leading online mushroom stores. They are useful for educational purposes, and you and should understand the proper dosage if consuming the mushrooms.

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