The Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winter

Winter can do a number on our skin. The dry and cold weather dries it out and causes a lot of different types of dermatological problems. It is the season in which we need to do a lot to make sure that we keep it in good shape. The summer can do damage too because of the humidity and sun, but it is nothing like how winter can ravage our skin.

There are loads of skincare products out there that can help get your skin back on track. Yet, knowing which ones are the trick. Not only that, but prevention is the best medicine so it is much better to try to take care of it before you need lots of products or even a visit to a dermatologist like Lehi Clinic Instacare.

In this article, we will go over all the tips that will help you take better care of your skin during the frigid winter.

1 – Stay moist

You may think that we mean to keep your skin moist, and in a way we are saying that, but it goes beyond just adding moisture to your skin. You need to also make sure you stay in a humid environment. The problem with winter is that it is really cold outside and the cold will whisk away any moisture in your skin. This leaves it dry, brittle, and itchy.

Then you are also indoors with the heat on all day and night. This is also a very dry environment. Between the outside and the inside, your skin has no chance to stay hydrated. This means we end up lathering on lots of products. They can only help to a degree before we are asking them to do too much.

Make sure to keep the environment you are in humid and moist. Use a humidifier in your bedroom to make sure that you are not drying your skin out as you sleep. It is really important at night to do this since we aren’t drinking water for up to eight hours.

It is even a good idea to take in a steam room a couple of times a week. If your gym has one then make sure to take advantage. This will keep your skin from drying out and even keeps it healthy thanks to the increase in blood flow to the cuticle.

Another option you should consider is using zero waste moisturizer to keep your skin moist all the time.

2 – Hydrate the skin

Keeping your skin hydrated with products can be tricky. Not everybody has the same skin type. Some have oily skin and some have sensitive skin. Even oily skin does need to be hydrated, too.

Look for products that are formulated for your specific skin type so you will get the full benefits from them. Look for products that have hyaluronic acid as that is an ingredient that forms a sort of barrier in the skin to prevent moisture from leaving.

No matter what skin type you have, the products should be as natural as possible. Harsh chemicals and fragrances can end up having the opposite effect than you intended.

Your skin cleanser should also contain lots of moisturizing ingredients. If you clean your skin with a moisturizing cleanser and combine that with a moisturizing lotion then you are doing your skin a very big favor.

3 – Check your diet

What you eat has a direct effect on the condition of your skin. In the winter it can be difficult to eat right as there are less fresh ingredients and this takes its toll on your skin along with all the other factors.

Make sure to eat foods that will produce a lot of collagen in your skin which will keep it moist from the inside. For instance, avocado is wonderful when it comes to adding healthy fats to your system that encourages the production of collagen. Almonds and other nuts are also very good.

You should also focus on foods that are high in Omega 3 and selenium. This means that you should be eating fatty fish like salmon and sardines at least once a week. Oysters are also exceptional and are something of a super food for a lot of other benefits besides just healthy skin.

Besides the food you eat, make sure that you drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated by drinking several large glasses of water per day.

4 – Get plenty of rest

The idea of beauty sleep is not some antiquated notion. It is a real thing. When you get rest, your skin has a chance to repair itself. Lack of sleep will manifest itself in saggy skin under the eyes and it will also be brittle and wrinkly.

When you sleep, the skin produces its own collagen which helps to keep it elastic, plump, and hydrated. When you add the right foods to your diet and get plenty of sleep so your skin can produce even more collagen then you will see a marked difference in your complexion and the feel of your skin.

Instead of dry and irritated it will feel soft and supple. You can increase your chances of strong and hydrated skin by adding some antioxidant based products about 20 minutes before going to sleep.

Make sure to take the time to set yourself up for sleep so you can get 7 to 9 hours per night. This means that you can do things like take a warm bath around a half hour before bedtime, this will also be beneficial to your skin as long as you don’t make the water too hot and add some essential oils to keep your skin from drying out after.

In fact, you can add some essential oils to the bath water that will help you relax and set your mind up for a deep sleep. Turn off all of your devices so you aren’t doing anything that will distract your mind and cause you to stay awake longer. You should even get the right lights in your bedroom that help to make you sleepy.

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