Five Best Places To Buy Herbal Supplements

When you hear the word, ‘herb,’ what may come to mind is plants or trees. And that’s correct.

A herbal supplement is an extract from a plant or it’s derivative that is designed to be a part of your diet. These products have been assembled with known amounts of the herb’s active ingredient in each capsule to ensure adequate dosing. Another name for this is phytomedicine.

Herbal supplements are used for several reasons. The first is for the improvement and maintenance of health, as these supplements all have a beneficial effect on the body’s biochemistry. They are also known to be natural, holistic and generally gentler on the human body compared to regular meds.

There are a lot of concerns that come up when purchasing these products like quality assurance and trustworthy vendors. So, it is important that you procure them from reliable places. Here, we’ll show you five great websites to get these herbal remedies.

Five Great Sites To Purchase Herbal Supplements

We curated this list of websites based on their popularity and trustworthiness. You can rest easy about your purchase if you use these sites.

1. Secrets Of The Tribe

This is one of the top places to buy herbal supplements. Their first pro is the adequate descriptions on their products. These talk about the herbs, their history and the functions of the active ingredient. They ensure you are well-grounded on the effects of the supplement before purchase.

There are customer reviews on their site to help guide you on what products have worked for others.

This store boasts of pocket-friendly prices, fast delivery, plus you get a 30-day warranty on your product with access to easy returns. Secrets of The Tribe is duly registered and they even have a pet line. Yes! You can get these supplements even for your dogs or cats.

Visit their website to access their discounts and top-tier products from anywhere in the world. That’s right, they support international delivery.

2. Amazon

This is a more common one and you’ve probably ordered for something here before. On Amazon, you can get herbal supplements that are top-notch. With the star-ratings available, you can tell which ones are most likely better or preferred to another.

The delivery here is swift and you can be sure to get what you ordered. You also have the option to gift someone. On some products, you get up to 25% off with a coupon!

3. HerbEra

The name of this site is a giveaway of what they do. Here, you get access to quick recommendations on their home page, with a detailed product description on all their products.

They also have a blog, which educates potential buyers on the health benefits of some herbs and how they can be used.

HerbEra offers free shipping on all their orders within the US. You would be excited to know that international shipping is available, though their free policy doesn’t cover it. You can rest easy with HerbEra’s secure payment options, and get your product wherever you are.

4. Organic India USA

On Organic India USA, the list of plants you can find on their site is exhaustive. While their product descriptions are not as robust as those of Secrets of the Tribe or Herbera, they usually link to a very comprehensive blog post.

Their products are natural and sourced from a partnership with local farmers. You can see the names and pictures of their farmers are on the site to enable you verify on your own if you want.

If your location is in the United States, guess what? Your purchases above $50 earn you free shipping!

5. iHerb

The last on our list is iHerb. This website has a collection of herbal products from various manufacturers that are beneficial to different aspects of our health. These items span different areas like sports, beauty, personal care, and supplements. They even have special products for babies and pets.

iHerb offers a rewards program which awards Reward credits to customers who are active on the community. That includes making referrals or writing reviews. These credits can be spent on products or cashed out when they get to $100.

They also offer Super Rewards which grant up to a 15% discount on certain products. With all these discounts, you might want to get onboard. iHerb offers international shipping with returns dependent on your location. Check out their site to learn more.


Herbal supplements work well for your body when bought from the best sources and administered with the right dosage. With the amount of fake products in the market, it is best to ensure your suppliers are legitimate.

With this list, you now know some sites where you can purchase these supplements without worry. We’ve gone through this stress so that you don’t have to. All these sites have the option to send a message and ask questions, so take that option if you feel skeptical. The important thing is to be satisfied before you make your purchase. We wish you the best.

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