Does Running Make You Taller?

Running is a good cardio exercise to help you lose weight and get in better shape. I assume as a kid, we all got told about the perks of going out for runs every day, and one of them was increasing your height.

So, does running make you taller? We will discuss this further in today’s article, as well as other benefits you can get from running.

Does Running Make You Taller?

Yes, it does.

Growth Hormones

To be more specific, studies show that running has a significant impact on the production of growth hormones. The amount of these hormones produced affects directly to one’s height.

In fact, it was proved that the production of one’s growth hormones is seen to be improved remarkably after 24 hours of running. However, this is not something you can achieve day one or two. You ought to be keen on running to get the outcome you desire.

If you still don’t believe it, take marathon runners for example. Due to intense practice and sustained training, you can see how many of them have a superior height that many people wish for.

Besides running, there are other high-intensity exercises that can stimulate and boost the making of these hormones. We’ll discuss this further in the section below.


Did you know that running aids in good posture too?

When having a good posture, it is probable that you get taller, resulting from your spine extends up to 2 inches. Remember to relax your shoulders, keep your head up and your back straight for the most favorable outcome.

Having a proper running form assists your muscles from compressing, resulting from body tension.

People who do 9 to 5 jobs tend to spend a lot of time in front of a computer, causing them to have a hunched back even when standing.

Microfractures and Repair

Another reason why running helps increase your height is due to the bone length extension when performing high volumes of exercises like sprinting.

By sprinting, your bones will create microfractures (minor breaks in the bones of your legs) in the shins and parts of the fibula.

Here’s the interesting part: your body will naturally ‘repair’ itself every time this happens, which means extra bone tissues will be formed to fill the gaps caused by fractures. However, this doesn’t happen very often; let’s say once every three years.

Exercises creating extra strains like sprinting should be maintained during one’s prepubertal phase to ensure the benefits for bones can be achieved at its maximal peak.

Streamlined Look

Who doesn’t like that healthy, streamlined look you have when you do your runs often? Yes, you will appear taller in others’ eyes since running helps take off the flexure of your spine.

So, does running make you taller? I assume you must have the answer by now.

Other Factors

You know, running is one of the most popular physical exercises that anyone can do. Not only does running make you taller, but also stronger. The following factors will help you have good height and health as you wish.

Having a Healthy, Balanced Diet

You can try following a marathon runner’s diet to boost up the process of getting taller.

No matter what you do, it is vital that the body gets enough nutrients (especially vitamins and minerals) it needs to help heal the bones and muscles (microfractures, to be specific) after doing intense exercises.

Having Enough Sleep

Don’t forget to let yourself have enough sleep as this is the time when the body heals and detoxifies.

What is more, when you sleep, the pituitary gland manufactures your growth hormones, which will go directly to your bloodstream. The hormones liberation can only achieve its peak when the body is at absolute rest status (sleep).

Doing High-intensity Exercises

Besides sprinting, other exercises you can do to improve your height are hopping with one leg, swimming, stretching, etc. At first, you ought to do these exercises with the intensity suitable to your strength and durability, then slowly increase the time and frequency for each exercise.

However, don’t forget to push yourself. No pain, no gain. Add some more meters to your running distance today, swim a little further today. All of that will pay off.

Taking Sufficient Time to Rest

Last but not least, take adequate rest to give your body time to heal and repair itself. Know when you need to slow down to avoid unexpected injuries.

Wrapping Up

Does running make you taller? You tell me!

Simply following the same running routine every day won’t make any difference. Try to push yourself; the result will be worth it. You will get taller before you even realise that.

Now put on your trainers and go out for a run!

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