What Are The Essential Oils For Macular Degeneration?

Have you ever heard of an eye disease called macular degeneration?

Well, this disease is quite popular when people get older. It will be your mistake if you are subjective in preparing to prevent this disease.

However, what happens if you have suffered from macular degeneration. Give up? Oh no, you should not do that, except that you do not concern if it affects your life seriously.

Let’s supplement some essential oils for macular degeneration from now on! In case you have no idea of using which oils, scroll down the article below to find out!

What Is Macular Degeneration?

As mentioned above, macular degeneration happens when your retina’s central area, called the macula, has a sign of deteriorating. As the macula plays a vital role in your detailed vision, it leads to many severe problems of vision when it wears down.

In fact, macular degeneration is also called age-related macular degeneration, as it frequently happens in the older.

Typically, there are two types of macular degeneration, including:

First, the dry form. The macula of those who suffer from the dry form of macular degeneration will have drusen, which are yellow deposits.

At first, when these drusen are not big enough, your vision is still not affected seriously. On the other hand, once they get numerous, they dim your eyes. Most notably, the light-sensitive cells can die, and you might get a loss of vision when everything gets worse. 

Second, the wet form. There will be some blood vessels underneath the macula, which leak blood into your retina. Then, your vision can be distorted and even lose the central vision.

The Symptoms Of Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration cannot be diagnosed until it gets worse and worse. Hence, go to the doctor immediately if you suffer from any of these signs below.

  • Your vision gets blurry, and you cannot see everything clearly, especially when you read, drive or watch TV.
  • In the central vision, there are some unclear and dark areas.
  • Your vision can be curved, which makes a straight line turn into a wavy line. Or you cannot see the vivid color.
  • There are some blind spots in your vision and even permanent blindness over time.

Essential Oils For Macular Degeneration

Calendula Essential Oil

Our first pick of essentials oil for macular degeneration is Calendula essential oil.

Some studies have shown that Calendula is really helpful in preventing macular degeneration. The reason is that it is a wonderful source of beta-carotene. This antioxidant compound is good enough to improve your vision health.

As a result, it is worth considering to use Calendula as one of the essential oils for macular degeneration.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

In fact, the fruit itself is good for our health. Hence, it is understandable that the essential oil of grapefruit is beneficial too.

To be more specific, grapefruit essential oil is abundant in antioxidant components, especially vitamin C.  These components are able to improve the immune system. Also, they prevent the development of free radicals.

For this reason, grapefruit oil can prevent the harmful impacts of oxidants and toxins, including macular degeneration.

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black pepper oil has a lot of benefits for our health, functioning our eyes is among them. It can minimize the adverse impacts of aging on the vision. For this reason, using black pepper oil can prevent yourself from having macular degeneration when you get older.

Vanilla Essential Oil

Apart from these essential oils for macular degeneration mentioned above, Vanilla essential oil should also be listed in this article. 

Vanilla oil also has antioxidant, so it can take care of your vision health. Well, do you know that the oxidation is responsible for several health problems and diseases, including macular degeneration?

Being unaware of oxidation may lead to gradually weakening your immune system and losing your vision.

As a result, you had better use this Vanilla essential oil if you want to avoid macular degeneration.

Pine Essential Oil

Last but not least, we must include Pine oil in the list of essential oils for macular degeneration. Do you know why?

Well, Pine essential oil can neutralize oxidizers thanks to its antioxidant ability. For this reason, this oil plays an indispensable role in affecting our eye health positively. Hence, it is a good sign to lose macular degeneration after using Pine essential oil.

The Bottom Line

Can you be aware of the importance of essential oils for macular degeneration?

Well, I believe that you can after reading this helpful article. We have summarized all the necessary information about this eye disease for our beloved readers. Hence, we hope that you can choose your favorite essential oil to check this disease.

It’s time to take care of your eye health, especially for those who are going to get older.

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