Features of an Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen therapy is a life-enhancing prescription for people who can’t naturally get sufficient oxygen. Some of the conditions causing this breathing difficulty include asthma, pneumonia, heart failure, and Bronchopulmonary dysplasia.

Therefore, be cautious when choosing products like the Inogen portable oxygen concentrator (POC). This comprehensive guide shares insights that will enable you to make the right buying decision. Keep reading to learn more.

Flow Rate

A POC’s flow rate capacity is one of the leading factors to consider before settling for a suitable product like the Inogen concentrator. This value is the rate at which oxygen can travel from the POC to the user. However, it’s advisable to allow a physician to advise a patient on their most appropriate flow rate. So, don’t make any move until you get a medical expert to examine you or your loved one.

Flow rate differs among oxygen concentrators. Their capacity ranges between 250 and 750 ml/min, and others have higher flow rates of between 2 and 10 liters/min.

Battery Life

Battery life is another factor to consider when choosing a product like Inogen POC. A concentrator’s battery size also determines its recharge time. That means you have to choose a machine that charges faster. Your lifestyle will also determine your battery life capacity. For instance, if you travel frequently or love taking long walks, longer battery life would be ideal for you.

Noise Levels

A POC’s noise level is another consideration that should inform your buying decision. This machine produces some noise as it filters air from the atmosphere. Thus, prepare for some noise when buying one.. Some describe the sound as a white noise that fades into the background.


You also have to consider the machine’s size before settling because no POC standard size exists. Thus, size remains a highly subjective and relative matter that depends on many factors unique to your lifestyle and needs.

It’s also prudent to consider how you will transport the machine. The machine’s management shouldn’t interfere with your daily routines and chores. The reason is that some require you to carry them on your shoulders. Other units may need you to carry them on your back. Still, others need you to pull them on the ground as you move. Thus, your daily routines will determine the ideal size for your lifestyle.

Oxygen Concentration

Don’t forget to factor in your chosen machine’s oxygen concentration capacity. The reason is that the device will compress and filter oxygen and then transmit it to you at a given percentage as pure oxygen. The amount of pure oxygen you receive after concentration is called the concentration level.

Different factors also influence your machine’s oxygen concentration levels. For example, your POC’s filtration system’s design determines this capacity. Also, its nitrogen-removal sieve system affects this critical quality.

Most oxygen concentrators on the market have concentration values ranging between 87 and 99 percent. Thus, the variation between concentration devices should inform your final decision to buy one. Your ideal choice will depend on your required oxygen amount. Thus, patients with higher needs require machines with higher concentration values and vice versa.


POCs have varying weights. Some are heavy enough to require pulling on the ground, while others are light enough to carry in your purse. These portable machines can weigh as little as two pounds.. Therefore, it’s beneficial to compare the models to settle on an POC that suits your life better and more conveniently.

Additional Features

You also have to consider other additional features before settling for a given POC. Numerous concentrators offer various additional features that make their usage easier and more convenient for patients. Some of the extras you have to look for include:

  • Carrying bags or cases;
  • Ease of replacing the filter systems;
  • Flow locking settings;
  • Accessories.

These additional features vary, depending on a given model or manufacturer. Thus, review those extra options before deciding to buy.


Lastly, don’t forget to look for the product’s warranty. A warranty is important since you aren’t buying a beauty or fashion product to impress people. You are purchasing a life-saving tool that should serve you for years. Thus, ensure that the manufacturer has a warranty policy that guarantees the product’s durability and effectiveness. The warranty should embody the manufacturer’s commitment to your long-term satisfaction.

Buying a POC is a serious decision that needs reflection and consideration. This guide shared the leading factors to consider before settling for a particular model or brand. Use them to make an informed choice worth your time, money, and efforts.

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