Five Reasons to Work in the Charity Sector

It used to be that the goal for people was to find a job that earned them as much money as possible, with little regard for how much the job was actually enjoyable. Nowadays, more people focus on the fulfilment their job gives them with the accompanying salary coming in as a secondary thought. As a result, more people are choosing jobs that they actually enjoy and that reward them beyond their bank balance, and one of the jobs that does just this is working in the charity sector.

If you’ve been thinking about a career in the charity industry, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to get a foot in the door, and here are five reasons why you should do just that.

1. Make a Real Difference

The obvious reason people choose to work for a charity is because they know that by doing so, they’re making a quantifiable difference to real people’s lives. Whilst many charities operate like a traditional business, the difference comes in the form of knowing that any money that is made is put directly back into the distribution pot (for non-profits) and big bosses are less likely to hoard wealth as a result. This means more money is given to people who really need it, and this alleviates the suffering felt by many around the world instead of benefitting a select few at the top.

2. Variety is Guaranteed

For lots of people, they thrive in a challenging environment and enjoy trying something new. One job sector that guarantees day-to-day variety is the charity one. If you work in fundraising, you might yourself shaking a bucket dressed in a costume in a London Underground station one day, and the next day you might be filming a campaign that’s going to be going out on the television. In terms of providing relief, you could find yourself working with refugees at country borders around the world one month, and the next month you could be in a different country helping to teach communities about a specific topic.

3. Jobs are Stable

If you want to be assured that your time and effort is appreciated by the higher ups, working for a charity is a good option. Charities typically want to attract and retain their best staff, so unlike a traditional business, bosses see staff as more than a disposable number on the pay roll. This means if you’re good at your job, your employer is likely to do all they can to keep you, providing you with extra peace of mind that your job is safe.

Away from job performance, the harsh reality of the world is such that charities will always be needed. Even if we were able to vaccinate against all deadly diseases, end world hunger and provide everyone with a basic standard of living, natural disasters and conflict are still highly likely to happen at any point, and when they do, charities will be needed to provide aid and assistance. In addition, many religions require their followers to be generous. A good example is in the way of Zakat which is a pillar of Islam and requires able Muslims to donate to charity. The money is typically used for any charitable cause, including conflict and natural disaster relief for which there will always be a need.  

4. Pay is Competitive

Many people think charity workers are paid a pittance, but it’s actually the opposite. According to data, charity workers in the UK earn more than the national average. They generally have a salary exceeding £32,000 per year, and for many, that’s a healthy wage that isn’t to be sniffed at. As mentioned, employers are likely to do all they can to keep good performers, and if that’s by way of a pay rise, then that’s what they’ll do.

5. Generous Employment Benefits

In addition to competitive pay, charity sector employees typically enjoy excellent benefits such as annual leave that exceeds the bare minimum, comprehensive pension packages and the opportunity for flexible working hours and working from home. Employee benefits are increasingly becoming more important to younger generations entering the workplace, making the charity sector ever more appealing.

Of course, benefits, pay and stability will vary from charity to charity and role to role, so you’ll need to do your research before accepting a job in the sector, but generally speaking, working in the charity industry is hugely rewarding and fulfilling, not to mention vital and life-changing.

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