How to get back to work after rehab

Checking yourself into rehab for treatment is a scary prospect. It’s life changing, and whether it be for good or bad, any life changing move can be daunting. Of course, going into rehabilitation is a good thing, no matter which way you look at it. Going into recovery for addiction, no matter what form, is important to get your life back on track.

Whether you’re entering rehabilitation for drugs, alcohol, gambling or any other form of addiction, receiving the treatment you need can be vital in getting back out in the real world and on a much clearer pathway.

Upon leaving rehab, the recovery process continues and while it’s important to fully commit to your sobriety, it’s also time to start thinking about returning to work. After all, we all need to work to live.

That isn’t easy, and often work can be a driving force into addiction in the first place, so you need to think carefully about when is the right time and what sort of work you take up. Among the key things to take note of when getting back into the working world are:

Find a work-life balance

Often, a lack of work-life balance is the determining factor for people to turn to drink or drugs in aid to cope with their role. Coming out of rehab it’s integral to ensure stress levels are kept to a minimum and you look after yourself both in your career and home life.

Finding a role that isn’t going to be difficult to achieve goals or be too challenging is a must as ultimately, too much stress can lead to relapse. Take it one step at a time.

Don’t rush into a role

While you may be keen to earn money again to get your life back on track, rushing can lead to following into old ways. If it’s possible, starting back in the workplace on a voluntary or part time basis will give you the time and space to get back into working life, then when you’re ready you can seek out a full time role.

Consider the industry

Do you really want to go back into the industry you were previously in? Is that going to be too much and hamper recovery?

Diving straight back into your old role or an industry that has previously left you feeling unable to cope is much more likely to find you back at square one. Going back to work after rehab should be considered as a real opportunity to push the reset button and find a career path that truly suits you. Perhaps you’ve always had a burning ambition to become a baker, or start your own business in a particular area. This could be the perfect time to start realising those dreams.

Communicate with your new employer

Employers have a duty of care and while it’s not the easiest thing to talk about your health with them, by making them aware you’re more likely to get the support you need from them.

The more aware they are of the situation, the easier it will be for you to manage your recovery both inside and outside the workplace.

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