Health Benefits of Plants you Never Knew

“Health is wealth”, something so simple yet so deep in meaning and engraved in our memories. With changing times, people have been increasingly aware of their habits, health, and surroundings. Science, in particular, has shown tremendous excellence when it comes to increasing life expectancy, but it all goes way back than we believe. It goes back to the times of Vedic practices. The natural means of resolving the health issue of that time have been an inspiration to date. And the one thing that has been the first brick in laying the foundation of cure and medicine is nature and to be more specific plants.

Keep reading to find below a bunch of helpful plants especially exotic flowers that are known to curb health-related issues and can be quickly grown in your backyards too


To your surprise, coconut is an exotic plant. The very commonly found and eaten very often in our daily lives; it is a beneficiary for our health in ways we can’t imagine. Number one aspect of it being its hydrating quality making it more reliable than any other energy drink and secondly, it helps you stay slim and fit.


Don’t stay thunderstruck when we tell you that this fruit similar to lychee per se has more health benefits than you can imagine. Start listing, this fruit rich in vitamin, potassium and iron benefits you with all these elements. But also it can kill poison too. Above all, it helps reduce stress levels.


Not very popular and undoubtedly unfamiliar to the locals, this plant has magical abilities to kill cancer cells more than anything else. With ongoing research, it is becoming more and more sorted about the depth of possibilities and health hazards this plant can free us of.

Baobab fruit

This one is possibly the most deserving in the list. It has more vitamin c and calcium than any other competitive plant. It’s rich antioxidant quality also makes it a highly reliable choice. Listing the health benefits it serves, this plant can free us of fever, diarrhoea, measles and even smallpox.

Chanca piedra

This exotic plant performs a highly complex function, which makes it increasingly hard to acclaim with the body. The plant is known to maintain gall bladder and kidney health of humans, especially tribes. It is hence advised to do detailed research before using this for its health benefits. Although its potential still keeps it high in the list of exotic plants.

Morning glory

As pleasant as the name sounds, the plant looks even more mesmerising. The flower has been in use for its medicinal purposes for an extended period now and remains to be of continual use to the humans. One major factor this plant has that we can’t oversee its potential to treat muscle cramps along with other listed medicinal properties.

These were some rare but useful exotic plants that you must know about. The overpowering scientific temperament of the society can be witnessed with much ease but what exotic plants can do for our health is still as magical as it ever was. Now that you know about their existence, we wish you happy and organic health.

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