5 Health Tips to Follow After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery: it’s a drastic step to take, but it could save your life. It will also improve your quality of life in the long-term. Being obese places one at risk of a wide range of illnesses and your weight places strain on your joints, leading to arthritis. When all else fails, bariatric surgery allows you to lose weight and enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle. However, adjusting to life after bariatric surgery is no easy task. These tips will help you to optimize your results and be more comfortable while undergoing your transition to a healthy weight.

1. Always Follow the Diet Doctors Recommend

Your diet will be very limited, especially during your post-surgical recovery. Follow it carefully, and boost nutrition with bariatric multivitamins with iron. Your aim is not to reduce nutrition. Instead, you’re getting maximum nutrition without loading up on calories. So-called “empty calories” that are high in carbs and sugar are to blame for the high percentage of people in developed countries who become overweight. After bariatric surgery, you will not be able to tolerate these foods well, and you will strive to get the most nutrition possible from a very limited amount of food.

2. Join a Support Group

Nobody who has not undergone bariatric surgery will understand your experiences after bariatric surgery fully. Having people to support you, and who share their own experiences, will help you to get through the difficult times you experience while making a transition to a healthy weight and lifestyle. And, thanks to social media, finding a support group may be easier than you think. Share your highs and lows. Get tips on how to make your diet more appealing. Talk about your recovery process and hear what others are experiencing. It’s all about give and take.

3. Get Some Exercise

Talk to your doctors about the type of exercises you can safely do. At the outset, your focus is low impact exercise. Swimming is the best of these, but you can also look at walking or riding a stationary bike. As the weight melts away, you can expand your range of activities and try more challenging exercises. Just discovering that you can do more with your body will be a rewarding experience. Plus, your physical activity will enhance your weight loss.

4. Sip and Nibble

You will feel very uncomfortable if you eat and drink too quickly or too much. When you eat, chew your food well and eat slowly. When you drink, take small sips rather than deep draughts. Staying hydrated is important, so keep a water bottle handy, and take frequent sips. Stick to your calorie targets and stave off feelings of hunger by spreading your daily allowance out over the course of your day.

5. Keep Your Goals in Sight

Choosing bariatric surgery is a big step. There will be times when you miss eating anything you like. But keep your goal in sight. By slimming down, you’re taking a positive step towards a longer, healthier, and more active life. That means being there for your loved ones when they need you, and being able to do more things together than you previously could. You’re also reducing your risk of having to deal with a range of obesity-related health issues that is even longer than that attributed to smoking. Worth doing? Absolutely!

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