Reasons Why Public Health Is The Foundation Of A Well-Established Society


Public health is the foundation of a functional society. It’s a basic public necessity without which the structure of society will crumble. Lack of a working healthcare system may lead a nation to total disintegration. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic gruesomely tested the efficiency of international public health. COVID-19 showed us that public health is the basis of a well-established society.

What makes public health so significant?

The sudden arrival of SARS-CoV-2 took the entire world by surprise. Many European countries had to witness myriads of deaths and an economic downfall this year. People suffered from a deadly pandemic. World leaders realized they needed to spend more on medical facilities. People grew more fond of our healthcare professionals, i.e., doctors and nurses. A career in public health is beneficial due to the following reasons:

  1. You can help prolong people’s lives and help them quickly receive medical attention.
  2. Public health studies let you expand your unique skillset and grow as an individual.
  3. This career also permits you to spread general awareness regarding infectious diseases and their prevention measures.
  4. Becoming a public health worker is an excellent opportunity to uphold the values of social justice and interracial equality. You can participate in the projects and campaigns to fight against healthcare inequalities in the USA.
  5. A career in public allows you to become a mouthpiece for the voiceless. You can speak on behalf of the marginalized communities and help diminish socio-economic discrimination in the healthcare industry.

Responsibilities of the public health sector

It always bodes well to read more about the relationship between social justice and public health. People who work in the public health sector ensure proper healthcare for everyone. They strive to provide us cleaner water, more nutritious food, and a safer environment. They promote the accessibility of medication and vaccination to all communities. Being a public health official is a burgeoning career with multiple employment opportunities. We can divide public health into two categories:

  1. Physical health:- This category refers to the diseases of a physical nature.Public health tries to diminish mass hysteria when a pandemic starts to spread. They curb misinformation and control paranoia. They ensure nobody fails to receive proper medical treatment due to his/her bodily, financial, or geographical inabilities. Here the public health sector strives to promote telemedicine and use telehealth to organize risk-free patient-care.
  2. Mental health:- Coronavirus brought an international financial crisis in which many people lost their jobs. People had to live in isolation with limited physical interactions. Separation from friends and relatives enhanced the level of mental stress among the masses. Americans reportedly accounted for more stress-related cases. Public health officials endeavor to restrain anxiety and depression by providing mental health consultation.

The historical impact of public health services

Public health is a broader profession than a medical career. It encompasses all that is necessary for the health benefits of a community. Public health officials focus on nationwide medical care and prevention of the mass spread of diseases. These people are always ready for any upcoming pandemic. That’s why they’re the forefront warriors in the fight against COVID-19. Public health initiatives have contributed 25-30 years to the average American life expectancy. Furthermore:

  1. The public health sector has spread awareness regarding the ills of tobacco use.
  2. Public health workers campaigned for motor vehicle safety and reduce the chances of traffic accidents.
  3. Tooth decay was a rampant problem a hundred years ago in the United States. Adding fluoride to drinking water controlled oral infections.
  4. They have contributed to a sharp decline in the infant mortality rate. Public health has also protected women from pregnancy-related problems.
  5. Public health officials have worked hard to ensure workplace safety. Now the USA has agencies such as OSHA and NIOSH to make offices hazard-free.

Job opportunities for MPH degree-holders

  1. Environmental Scientists & Specialists:- They make sure that human beings live in harmony with their environment and surroundings. Their annual salary is more than $70,000.
  2. Epidemiologists:- They study the reasons why human beings acquire diseases and the pattern these illnesses follow. Epidemiologists earn $70,000 annually in the United States.
  3. Public Health Administrators:- These administrators supervise the everyday operation of a healthcare organization. These professionals can make $65,000 each year on average.
  4. Clinical Research Coordinators:- They watch over clinical trials and studies. These trials are necessary to formulate a successful vaccination. They earn more than $50,000.
  5. Public Health Educators:- They educate the public regarding the danger of diseases and prevention measures. Their average annual income exceeds $40,000 in the USA.


CDC defines public health as the “science of protecting and improving the health of” a community. Ignoring its importance may lead to a disgruntled society with rampant mismanagement. A disease-ridden state cannot function properly, and the country may go into a state of national shut-down.

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