What Might You Want to Know About Sour Tsunami CBD?

Marijuana comes in many strains, and each of these strains contains different CBD and THC levels. It is these levels that determine the effects they have on the users. The Sour Tsunami strain is one of the Sativa strains known for their high potency in terms of CBD. Due to the high CBD content, the Tsunami strain has become a great source of relief for people with medical conditions as well as other users seeking to experience the non-psychoactive effects of cannabis.

How Sour Tsunami Came to be

Sour Tsunami hemp flower can be taken as a perfect example of a marijuana cultivar (marijuana variety) that is a result of selective breeding. It is intentionally bred to produce high CBD levels. Getting Sour Tsunami seeds took more than four years of crossing New York Diesel and Sour Diesel plants, and the result was a variant with relatively low THC levels. In addition, the terpenes are intact, giving it a familiar and excellent sour funk, with a bit of sweetness.

Lawrence Ringo, a famous breeder, is credited with breeding the Sour Tsunami strain. He did it to relieve his severe pain due to a back condition. Lawrence avoided traditional medication and expected a strain with high CBD content to reduce his pain. Today, Tsunami is a marijuana variety that is widely used for medicinal purposes, particularly so in California, Michigan, and the Pacific Northwest. Its THC content of not more than 10% is considered to be low, going by the standards these days.

Sour tsunami strain review

As we look deeply into this hemp flower variant,it is categorized as a hemp strain; thus, federal law requires it to have less than 0.3% THC content. Otherwise, any marijuana plant whose THC level is above 0.3% is treated as a cannabis strain, and its regulation and sales are different from that of a CBD flower. You can buy your Sour Tsunami from the most reliable and reputable company, Cannaflower, and you can be sure that the THC level is within the legal range.

When it comes to the effects of the strain, it produces a perfectly smooth and balanced impact on its users’ minds and bodies. You can expect relaxed muscles and relief from unwanted tension once you use it. After that, the Tsunami affects your mind making you feel mental clouds dissipate. In addition, you get an energy and mood boost allowing you to go through your day with a fresh outlook.

The strain has several uses, including dealing with the following:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Social pressure

Sour Tsunami flavor and aroma

At first, tsunami strain hits you with a sour flavor, which fades, giving way to a deep earthy flavor similar to cheese or butter. Its dominant terpenes are humulene, caryophyllene, bisabolol, and limonene. To get the best flavor experience, you should consider using it in a dry herb vaporizer.

As for its smell, the strain comes out as dank, pungent as well as unapologetic. Mostly, the aromas that come out strongly are of cheese and gas. Also, it has secondary aromas of sour berries blended plus a sweet orange scent.

Appearance and growth

You can identify Sour Tsunami by its dark green leaves and dense buds. Also, some phenotypes bear purple tinges on the leaves. However, this strain has a difficult growth level, meaning it’s not for every cultivator but only for experienced growers.


Sour Tsunami is a hemp strain grown for its high CBD levels that is perfect for medicinal uses such as pain relief and mental issues like depression, stress, and anxiety. You need to buy your supply only from reliable vendors to be sure of high-quality products.

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