Three Stones Ring. Smart Guide for a Buyer

You’ve found the one, and now you are chewing over the proposal to take her breath away. The place is set, speech rehearsed, and the only thing that’s left is the purchase of a coveted engagement band.

You’ve probably heard of numerous rings, but for some reason, three stones design captured your interest. We must admit, you’ve got a refined taste and a trained eye. Trilogy band takes first place in symbolism. Popping a question itself is a huge deal but topping it with a meaningful accessory takes things to another level. Three rocks in the setting represent the couple’s eventful past, bright present and promising future. Embedded in a metal band, they create an unforgettable ensemble and enchant with the multiplied glow. Still not convinced if you should buy it?

Take a look at these undeniable benefits:

Incomparable brilliance. While solitaire boasts the brightest sparkle, three stones overtakes by quantity. Trippled glow blinds with excellent colour dispersion and catches the eye of passers-by.

Amplified size. With three stones, you get three times the look. A trio ring is a must-have item if your partner fancies bulky jewellery and follows the latest fashion trends.

No limitations. The trilogy band is a top choice if you oppose run-of-the-mill rings and want to show your beloved how special she is. You can select three stones of different shapes, sizes and colours. Opt for three diamonds of the same size to signify love, fidelity and friendship in your relationship or choose a larger centrepiece to convey the message: “my world is spinning around you.” However you decide to design 3 stones engagement rings , the cards will be stacked in your favour with such a unique gift.

Intriguing flexibility. Three stones rings can feature split, twisted or straight bands. As for the stone shapes, there are rounds, emeralds, ovals, cushions, etc. Simple cuts in a ring will forge a contemporary theme; meanwhile, sophisticated ones will give you a vintage-inspired appearance. 

Just the right amount of stones. Many customers find solitaires unnoticeable and halos screaming. Three stones ring helps reach the balance and complements all outfits modestly.

Room for improvement. With three stones style, you can always upgrade and embellish your ring. In addition, trilogy bands make a beautiful foundation for customized stacks. If you grow tired of your gift, adding more accessories will save the day.  

Cons of Three Stones Band to Ponder Over

Pricey. A trio ring will cost you a pretty penny. It can be more expensive than a solitaire, especially if you go for a more significant carat weight.

Slightly harder to maintain. With several crannies and nooks, three stones rings require a thorough clean. You can bring your band to a jeweller for a professional polish once a year or use a soft toothbrush to preserve its sheen and increase durability at home.

Shopping Tips for a Three Stones Band of Your Dreams

Although you can mix various shapes, round and princess diamonds are considered the best fit for the main stone. Their perfect symmetry and rounded corners make them easy to set into a mounting.

If you wish to have a fancy shape like radiant, marquise or pear as your centre stone, select the side rocks cautiously, so the elements do not clash.

The diamonds in your setting have to be in sync, so you are to pick the same colour and clarity grades.

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