Why Should You Treat Yourself to a Pre-Wedding Massage?

Weddings are sacred ceremonies where a couple exchanges their vows and their rings. It’s a sweet moment that’s remembered for life. This is why couples take care of choosing their wedding day diamonds. Some even go so far as to research the different types of diamonds there are.

The designs of wedding bands for women are also different from men’s, even if they are matching. Wedding rings for women usually have more diamonds and grandeur. Men’s wedding rings look much simpler in comparison.

Marriage preparations are months’ worth of stress build-up. From managing the guest list to choosing the entourage, it’s been one thing after another. You had to make several phone calls and make invitations.

You also had to schedule photo shoots while ordering flowers. Not to mention, you had to fit your gown and have your entourage fit theirs. You also have to do taste tests and hunt for the perfect diamond wedding rings.

All the while, you might even be balancing your work and daily life with all of these preparations.

All this is done because, despite all the stress, you want it to be a special day to remember. That being said, you should also look your best and be your best during the wedding.

And what could be a better treat than a pre-wedding massage, right?! It also has a ton of benefits!

Relieves Stress

No one would want to look antsy and haggard while they walk down the aisle. You spent months stressing over these wedding preparations. The time has come to give yourself a well-earned break!

There are many types of massages but they’re generally well known to relieve stress physically and mentally. After all, our physical state also influences our mental state. Having a massage to ease those bumps and stress out of you will have you glowing down that aisle!

Clear out your head of all those calls you had to receive. In-laws? Not now. The vendors who won’t respond to your calls? Another time. Free your mind of worries and close your eyes during the treatment.

Improves Your Sleep

There are many reasons why you haven’t been sleeping well. Often, it can be because your thoughts are too preoccupied. Maybe those thoughts are about your life-partner-to-be. If it’s not on the sunny side of things, it means you’re too stressed to sleep properly.

A massage is just the thing to help you. Even during the massage, you’d find yourself drifting off to sleep. Massage increases the brain waves that influence your sleep. In effect, this will also help improve your concentration and energy!

You cannot also look sleep-deprived on your special day. Thus, having a massage will ready you to take on another day.

Boosts Your Immunity

When you say “in sickness and in health”, it doesn’t mean being sick is part of your wedding sets. Your cytotoxic capacity is increased when you have regular massage sessions. This means your body will be able to fight off bacteria better.

Massages help increase white blood cell activity so your immune system will improve overall.

Physical health is also tied with mental health. Your physical health will then decline while you’re more stressed. Some people experience stress-induced symptoms like acid reflux. It can also be an overall decline in their immune system.

Therefore, getting regular massages is crucial in your self-care. This is especially true during the stressful wedding planning period. This is also why massages are common in pre-wedding pampering lists.

Lifts Your Mood

Everyone goes through overwhelming feelings of stress. You’d get moody or anxious but it doesn’t mean you’re not happy about being engaged or getting married. The planning phase can get stressful because a lot of things go wrong.

Your mood can get worse really quickly. And you can blame your stress hormones for this.

However, fear not. A good massage can reduce it and increase your happy hormones. Your serotonin will ensure that you’re anxiety is controlled.

You’ll soon find yourself in a happier mood and a healthier state. After all, you need to wear that diamond wedding band with a smile.

Reduces Bloating

There are massage techniques that can help increase your metabolism and release enzymes. When you’re metabolizing faster, your body can flush out toxins. This will also allow you to have optimal digestion.

These reactions will help your body reduce bloating and any digestive discomfort. Do you want to be at your 100% during the wedding? You might be in need of a massage.

All the while, you can reminisce on when you first received your proposal rings. A happy trip down memory lane while relaxing will boost your serotonin levels. You’ll be in a happier mood and enjoying your day!


Massages are known to be beneficial to your skincare as well. For example, regular facial massage sessions before the big day will help solve many skin problems. We understand almost every bride is concerned about it before their wedding day.

A massage can help your body’s waste disposal system and improve your blood circulation. The massaged areas will receive blood rich in nutrients.

This is also why facial treatments in dermatology clinics usually involve a facial massage before they start.

Therefore, a massage will give your skin a healthy and fresh glow as you walk down that aisle.


Brides look forward to seeing themselves in the mirror with their diamond jewelry and wedding dresses. They visualize walking down the aisle and receiving their diamond wedding bands from their husbands. It’s a perfect moment that they want to preserve.

To make it truly perfect, you’ll need to release all the pent-up stress from the wedding preparations. A massage is on the pre-wedding pampering list of almost every bride. Who doesn’t want a good massage after a stressful day?

Massages are known to relieve stress, boost immunity, improve your mood and skin, and reduce bloating. They’d hit the right spots that will trigger your body to produce the necessary hormones to accomplish that.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that a massage gives you that glow while you walk down the aisle. A happy, healthy, and glowing bride walking towards a bright future!

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