Which Of The Following Is Not True About Storage Body Fat?

In the modern world, where people put a lot of emphasis on physical appearance, staying fit is imperative. Although several trends of reducing body fat for weight loss are booming, do you understand thoroughly about storage body fat?

Let’s see whether you have a correct answer to our question ofwhich of the following is not true about storage body fat below.

A brief look at body fat

Before heading to our question, it’s better to have a quick look at the functions of body fat. I believe that this information can help you answer the question of which of the following is not true about storage body fat later.

Body fat in our body comes in two different types: essential fat, an important type of fat that aids in the operation of our body, and storage fat, or usually called non-essential fat.

As its name implies, essential fat plays a crucial role in the normal functioning of all organs inside our body. It is found in most cells of our body from the brain, to cell membranes, the spinal cord, and muscles.

In general, women have a higher standard of essential body fat than men. It is approximately 12% of total body weight for women and 3% for men.

Otherwise, nonessential fat, or storage fat, is the fat layered under your skin. These fat is typically found on your arms, back, belly, legs, and butts.

There’s a standard for the amount of nonessential fat in our body. If your index goes above the norm, it can create negative impacts on your hormone levels. Moreover, a high amount of excess fat might lead to diabetes and other heart diseases.

However, many people still misunderstand the function of storage body fat.

Will you be one of them?

Let’s check out with our question below!

 So, here is the question:

Which of the following statements is a confusion about storage body fat?

  • Fat stored in our body works as an insulator to retain body  heat.
  • Storage body fat fastens the effects of senescence.
  • Body fat acts as padding for internal organs against impacts.
  • Storing body fat is a way to store energy for future needs.

Now, have yourself an answer before moving to the next section.

The answer is …

“Storage body fat fastens the effect of senescence” is not TRUE. This implies the correct answer is the second one.

I know that this answer might surprise you.

And many of you might have the wrong answer.

But don’t worry. There’s not only you who don’t know about the function of storage body fat.

So, let’s jump to explanation right below and know the second statement is the right answer for the question of which of the following is not true about storage body fat.


The first statement is undoubtedly correct. Storage fat under our skin forms adipose tissue acting as an insulator to preserver most mammals’ body heat. Adipose cells possess blubber, a thick layer of insulating fat in marine mammals.

As you might or might not know, internal organs have a layer of fat surrounding them as cushioning against falling or impact. The fat layer acts as a shock absorber and protects organs from injury.

Storing fat is a way our body uses to store energy for future needs. Once our muscles need additional power, a process called metabolism will occur to convert excess fat into glycerol and fatty acids. And then, the muscle demanding for energy will transform the fatty acid into power.

The transformation of excess fat explains why doing exercises can help reduce fat. Exercise will burn energy; thus, the body has to burn fat for more power. Since then, the amount of fat reduces, leading to weight loss.

In other words, the correct answer to the question of which of the following is not true about storage body fat is the second statement. And we are trying to convince you is that excess body fat does not refer to the effect of aging.

In some ways, storage body fat benefits us. It can regulate your body temperature as well as aid in brain development. Moreover, excess body fat can prevent diseases and serves as a source of energy.

Wrapping Up

We cannot live without fat as it plays an essential role in our bodies. And if you want to keep fit, doing exercise and having a proper diet can help.

So, that’s the answer to the question of which of the following is not true about storage body fat. If you have any doubts, leave comments below. We will try our best to reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading!

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