How To Measure Forearm Circumference At Home?

You might already know about some human body measurements such as height, weight, and something such as three sizes – the bust, waist, hips circumferences.

But do you know that some small measurements like the arm ones are essential to PT (personal trainer), fitness center, or maybe your tailor?

In this post, we will show you the reason why you will need the forearm measurement in your life and how to measure forearm circumference.

What are we waiting for? Let’s jump right in!

Why Do You Need Forearm Circumference Measurement?

The first thing you should know is not how to measure forearm circumference, but what could this measurement do?

Unlike height, which barely changes when you had already grown up, the forearm circumference measurement changes by a little along with your body condition.

What does that mean?

It means that we can make use of this measure forearm circumference to check out our body conditions or our training results!

The measure of forearm circumference is an accurate estimate of the underneath fat and muscle tissues. This measurement could give us a precise depiction of tissue organization and distribution changes in our arms.

Normally, your PT or health and fitness center will have the algorithms to calculate the tissue changes and regulate your diet or training plan.

Moreover, this calculation is used to recognize obesity-related problems.

And of course, you could also send this measurement to your tailor for a perfect-fit dress shirt! Some online purchase requires this forearm circumference to determine which size would fit you, too.

Which Equipments Are Required?

Before jump right into how to measure forearm circumference, you should prepare the necessary equipment below:

  • Flexible tape
  • Marker
  • Pen and record

Flexible tape could be springless metal, plastic, or cloth tape. The two latter ones should be checked as if they are in good condition or not before use.

You will use the marker to write on the arm. The record is for you to jot down the data of each measure.

How To Measure Forearm Circumference?

As you might think before, this forearm circumference is a simple measure, which should be done frequently to keep track of your health condition (or just one time for your new dress shirt).

To start, stretch out your arm with the palm facing upwards. Wrap the flexible tape around your relaxed forearm bicep, and write down the measurement on the paper.

The forearm circumference measurement is taken in the fullest part of your forearm, which is usually several inches right below the elbow. Place the tape around the arm and measure it in a circle. Remember to keep the tape lying flat and parallel all the way around.

See, this should be the most detailed tutorial on how to measure forearm circumference! Note that you’d better not hold the tape too tight, or you will have a tight-fit body shirt.

Tips: One finger inside the tape could give you the best forearm circumference measurement!

You should take this measurement a couple of times and record them in the paper. You could either choose the largest measurement or the average one as the final result.

Quick Questions On How To Measure Forearm Circumference

Q: Should I measure my forearm circumference by my self or ask somebody to help?

A: You should ask someone to help you. It can be troublesome since you only have one free hand to do the measurement.

Q: Can we use the forearm measuring to estimate its muscle mass?

A: Yes, we can, because the measurement is taken at the fullest part of your forearm.

Q: What are the measurement errors?

A: The marking, tape’s tension, forearm’s position, clothing, and even numbers of measures can affect the final measurement error.

Q: Is the measurement of the dominant forearm different from the one taken in the non-dominant forearm?

A: Yes, they can be slightly different. Your non-dominant arm is less used than the other so that its muscles are smaller, which leads to different circumference measurements on two forearms.


Have you learned the way of how to measure forearm circumference yet?

Your tailor or your personal trainer will be so pleased if they know that you could take the circumference measurement on your own now! Just make sure to take it a couple of times to get the best result.

Also, do not forget to do it regularly to keep track of your health condition. If it is not improving much, well, don’t be sad. It should be growing gradually.

If you have any questions about this topic, please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!

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