4 Reasons You Should Lift Light Weights

The phrase commonly used in the gym is “lift big to get big.” However, this phrase may not be fit for everyone who is into strength training. Do not feel intimidated when you see your peers lifting heavy weights that you may not endure because research indicates that lifting light weights can also lead to muscle building with minimum risk of tears and injuries. Lifting heavy weights until you are exhausted and lifting light weights as many times until you are tired yields similar results.

Here are more reasons why you should start working out using light weights.

Building muscle endurance

Light weights build muscle endurance because you lift the weight for a longer time before your strength fails. The longer time taken enhances your muscle endurance and that of your whole body. Endurance is the muscle’s ability to lift weights repeatedly for an extended period while strength can be equated to the force used to lift a weight in one rep. Light weights can strengthen your tendons, ligaments, joints, and bulky muscles because of the improved motion range.

Focusing on a given muscle group

Light weights give you the advantage of focusing on a specific muscle group as opposed to the heavy weights where you have to use your whole body and muscles to lift. Building a particular muscle group also proves more effective with light weights because it is the specific muscles that do the lifting. With heavy weights, you rely on muscles and momentum to lift, which leads to less muscle building. As you build your muscles by lifting weight, you may also consider using steroids to supplement the workouts. They give you the strength to do your daily exercises and promote quick recovery and muscle development. You can buy steroids in Europe conveniently by ordering them online.

You can build the same amount of muscle

Reliable researchers have proven that lifting light weights can give you the same amount of muscle that a heavy weight lifter will gain over time. The good thing about the light weights is that you do not overwork yourself while doing the repetitions, like with heavy weights. The workouts are more fun because you can repeat the motions as many times without struggling. Lifting light weights is the easier route to your dream of building your muscles.

Minimum risk of injuries

Light weights minimize injuries related to weight lifting, especially when you are a beginner in strength training. Apart from strength training, weight lifting can improve your performance and endurance in other activities such as athletics. Light weights allow you to exercise without risking tears in the muscle, dislocated joints, and excess fatigue. The workout session is also less strenuous when you are a beginner because you lift the weight until you fail, and you can quickly feel it coming because you have full control over your body during the reps.


Light weights can be the ideal way of building your muscles because it is easy and leads to the same results as the heavy weights. The workout is suitable for bodybuilders and people who participate in sports activities because it can be done at home without a trainer’s assistance. It is easier to attain a sustainable strength training program because there are minimal risks and overall body stress.

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