5 Vision Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight

It’s no secret that exercise strengthens and builds muscle, although most of us only apply this to biceps, triceps, and others we can flex at the gym. If you don’t yet know, your eyes are also muscles, and exercises will enhance eye health and function.

But when it comes to safeguarding vision, it’s essential to prioritize routine eye exams every two years. With this, you might find that prescription contact lenses or glasses give you a whole new lease on life. And if you suffer from dry eye syndrome, you can try contacts made for dry-eyed people.

Whether you need prescription lenses or not, these vision exercises really can strengthen your vision substantially.


Palming eye massage is best described as eye yoga. This vision exercise helps relax the muscles surrounding your eyes and effectively mitigate eye fatigue.

Rub both your hands until they’re warm, and then close both eyes, then place your hands over each cheekbone, and then cup your hands over your eyes for roughly 5 minutes.

Blink Exercises

Dry eye syndrome is relatively common, and the symptoms include dryness, burning, inflammation, and redness. One common cause of dry eye symptoms is a lack of blinking. When considering that our blinking time typically slows down while using digital techs like smartphones and laptops, blinking exercises can be a lifesaver.

Blink your eye a few times and pause for a few seconds before reopening your eyes. During this exercise, your eyelids will squeeze shut, which provides a bit of extra stimulation for oil glands.

The Pencil Technique

Pencil vision exercises can train your eyes to move together as the pencil gets closer.

Hold any pencil at an arm stretch length and focus on it while gradually bringing it closer until it touches your nose. Then, move your pencil back slowly without breaking your focus.

Near And Far Focus Exercises

Short-sightedness and far-sightedness are both common vision problems that can occur as we age. Fortunately, a few near and far focus exercises are an effective way to delay eyesight deterioration.

Hold a pencil about ten inches from your face and focus on the pencil for at least fifteen seconds. After fifteen seconds, shift your focus to an object that’s located at least twenty feet away. Hold focus for roughly fifteen seconds and repeat at least three times.

Imaginary Figure Eight

For some, focusing on an object can be formidable. Fortunately, you can improve this eyesight problem with figure eight exercises.

Select a spot on the floor at least ten feet away and trace a figure eight using your eyes. Trace this figure for about thirty seconds before changing directions.

While eye exercises can help improve eyesight and prolong vision deterioration associated with age, it’s still important to visit your optometrist routinely for eye exams. Moreover, if you wear glasses and are experiencing headaches, it’s probably time to renew your prescription lenses. However, if your glasses are new, it’s probable that you will experience light headaches while your eyes adjust. For this reason, it’s essential to take breaks from your glasses to adapt with more ease.

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